New baby

A week has flown by. On to Ohio, I'm gonna be stopping in Sidney to see an old dear friend. Her and her wife just had a baby!! I'm so excited. Then from there, we'll see where the wind blows. Fort Wayne was nice, I just want to say thanks to Judy and Dianna for their hospitality. Such wonderful people.


One week down, 11 more to go.




In Fort Wayne, Indiana for the night. Today was a very short ride, but oh boy, it was by far the windiest day so far. I was getting pushed around like a freshman in high school. It did hit 80 degrees though, so I got a little sun.

I need to share what happened before I left Warsaw. As I was getting everything ready for the ride, I noticed something in my cubby hole of Scooter McGavin. I grabbed the foreign object, and it turned out to be $40 and a business card that said "good luck on your journey!!" I did a little Facebook creeping, and it turns out that it was the guy who took mine and Howard's picture last night. Wow! The generosity of people is amazing.



After getting some much needed rest, I'm leaving Warsaw soon. I'm heading to Fort Wayne to see family. It's only 40 miles away, so today's ride will be short and sweet (like me). This trip isn't a race whatsoever, so I'm gonna take my time and enjoy the adventure. Hearing The Moped Cowboys stories has given me even more motivation. Thanks for everything, Howard!


Moped Cowboy

Everyone, meet Howard. AKA "The Moped Cowboy." He was the first to set the record for longest journey on a 50cc scooter. He went from Grand Rapids to Texas in 1980, for a total of 3,604 miles. As fate has it, Howard was on business this week in Indiana, and so he invited me to Warsaw to meet up with him. He shared his stories of his road trip, and also shared some tips for me for the road, as well as getting more exposure. Howard was in a ton of news papers, television shows, and The Today Show! What an honor it was meeting him. Thank you so much, Moped Cowboy. We will definitely meet up again!

Sorry about the blurry photo, this random guy didn't know how to use Howard's phone.


Eh Night

Last night was a first. My Couchsurfing host cancelled on me at 10pm. Not the last time it's gonna happen. Me, being hardheaded, and wanting to stick to my goal of not spending any money on accommodation, I went to a 24 hour McDonald's and sat there for three hours till about 1am. I got a lot done there, I started to transfer GoPro files, and also started editing a little bit for a future video. Well, then I started to get sleepy. I had to do something, so I looked on google maps for parks near by, and I found the perfect one. I drove there, and they had the gates closed. Sucky. Well on to plan B... or C? Who's counting? I take out my phone, and look for another park, I find one close. I head there. Perfect (eh) situation, lots of trees and lots of parking spots. I park Scooter McGavin and scout out some spots. It was definitely too dark to bust out the tent. I found a tree about 10 yards away from the scoot. I take my pack with me and lay next to it. I thought about taking the sleeping bag out. Not needed, it was nice out. I got a little bit of sleep, not much. I was woken up by a bunny, and couldn't get to sleep after that. So... not the best night, but I'm gonna have those from time to time. Gotta stay positive.

Now, I'm eating terrible food at Denny's and at 7am, I'm going to the scooter shop and get some routine maintenance on Scooter McGavin, and then head to Warsaw to meet another scooter freak! Have a great day everyone.


Head wind.

Another day in the books. Made if to Lafayette, Indiana. Easy ride today. Some long stretches on roads with no turns. Paved too! The only thing that sucked a little, was the wind was in my face the entire time. It wasn't scary wind, where I think it's gonna push me over, it was just wind that made Scooter McGavin a little slower than usual. Ah well.

Tomorrow is gonna be a fun day. I'm gonna go off route a little bit and meet up with the guy who once owned the record I'm attempting. He rode his scoot 3,604 miles in the early 80s. He reached out to me and it so happens, he's in Warsaw, Indiana. Cannot wait for that. See you tomorrow, Howard!

Alright everyone. Until tomorrow! Byeeeee.


Richard Pryor

I just want to give a shout out to my Couchsurfing hosts, Peter and Hannah!! You two were so awesome. Even though we didn't get to hang out too long, you two took me into your home, and made me feel like family. Thank you so much!

Lafayette, Indiana is the next stop. Going to get a routine check up on Scooter McGavin. Also, if anyone knows anyone in Lafayette, and you think they'll be willing to let a stranger sleep on their couch, let me know! Byeeeeee.



Okay, so after having a clash with some sickness over the weekend, my trip got pushed back a few days. No need to fret, the show will go on. Tomorrow, I will be heading off into the unknown. There is no time limit, so I'm not too mad at the events that took place. Thank you for holding onto the anticipation with me! Tomorrow is gonna be a life-changing event for me. STAY TUNED!