Tapped out

Had to tap out 40 miles from Yuma. I'm a little disappointed, but I had to listen to my body. It was screaming "you need AC, you need to relax, you need water." So, after deliberating for a half hour, I finally gave in. I'm pretty sure what got me so exhausted was those back roads. Not having the wind in my face for an hour, really put a hurtin on me. Currently: I'm in an AC cooled motel room in Wellton, AZ for the night. This is why I budgeted like crazy the last two years, and why I travel on a budget, so when unexpected things happen, I can get a motel for a night. Thanks for everyone's support! On to San Diego tomorrow.



Sometimes you gotta go on primitive roads in the Sonoran Desert to get to your destination.

Taking my time to get to Yuma today. The heat was definitely brutal for a while, when I was on the back roads. Rock, dirt, and sand roads, all in one. So I was only able to go 20 mph, and sometimes only about 5 mph. When I'm going that slow, I'm not getting any wind in my face, which makes me more hot. Glad I'm out of that for the day. It makes for pretty views, but not really ideal on a 120 degree day.

Shout out to McDonald's for having $1 large drinks with unlimited refills! I've been stopping at you for the last few days to get Powerade. Powerade and water has been saving my life these past few days. Always remember to keep hydrated people! The sun is no joke.

Also shout out to Heidenau Tires. I've went 8,100 miles so far on this trip, I've went through, sand, rock, mud, pebbles, anything you can think of, and your tires have beasted through it. They still have a ton of tread on them. You make a really quality tire.

Probably going to make it to Yuma in a few hours, and then off to San Diego tomorrow. Byeee.



Sorry for the selfies, haha 🙄. Really didn't take any pictures today, too dang hot for all that. I'm safe in Phoenix, relaxing, drinking tons of water. After my first break today, the heat started to get to me a little bit. I guess sitting in the AC in Burger King for 45 minutes drinking heaps of water and Powerade, and then going out into the 119 degree weather isn't the best thing for the body. I also had to stop at a Wendy's for a water and frosty break. I'm fortunate I am safe and sound. Two people died today in the Phoenix area because of heat exhaustion. I'm gonna wake up early tomorrow and try to beat this heat. Yuma, I'll see you tomorrow. Love you all.


Cancelled flights

Stopped for a water/Powerade break in Florence, Arizona. It's pretty hot out here, but it's not bothering me too much. I think it's all those years of working construction. It's so hot today, they were canceling flights in Phoenix. 😳😳. I'm about 60 miles out of Phoenix, where I'll stay for the night, and then off to Yuma tomorrow. Big shout out to my host last night, Ethan. Super cool dude, whom I shared a lot of interests with. Met his friend Tosh, who also stayed over night. Thank you guys for showing me a great time in Tucson. Also, a guy named Rafa contacted me on Instagram and asked if I wanted to meet him for an early lunch today. Of course I said. Rafa is a sport bike rider, who has made some incredible trips on his bike also. He treated me to a local spot, egee's. Pretty dang good! Thanks Rafa! I was glad to have met you. Keep in touch.



Made it to Tucson today. The temperature hit 111. I stopped a few times for water, so the ride wasn't too bad. I swear, wearing this face mask and big goggles are really helping out. Cruising to Phoenix tomorrow, and then Yuma the next day. I'm looking forward to hitting California, hopefully the heat isn't as extreme. Love you!



Still in Sierra Vista, I took the day off yesterday. Totally needed it. I drove a lot of miles these last two weeks. I was planning on going for 200 miles to Phoenix today, but I don't think that's going to happen. With the heat, I'm gonna take it easy and only do about 70 miles to Tucson, then Phoenix tomorrow. The heat doesn't bother me at all, but ya never know out here. 110 degree weather can slowly creep up on you and hit you when you aren't expecting it. I don't want that happening to me when I'm going 40 MPH on a scoot. Stay safe my friends.


Tucson or Phoenix, I'll see you tomorrow!

Today, I made it to Sierra Vista, Arizona. With temperatures teetering around 100 degrees. But to be honest, the heat hasn't been bothering me too much, it's a dry heat, and I'm wearing a face mask, and big ski goggles, so my face isn't getting beat up by the sun. Maybe that's helping me? I've had a lot of people messaging me telling me not to push it too much because of the heat, I really appreciate you all. Today's ride was alright, 6 1/2 hours of driving and 200 miles total. Lots of climbing up mountains, but that made for some spectacular views. Cacti, border patrol, mountains, and even a couple of coyotes were my sights for the day.

22 states down, 6 to go. Those 6 are pretty big states though. I should be in San Diego in 3 days. So, SD people!! Be ready! I'm coming for ya.

I'm laying in my motel room, AC on full blast, enjoying an ice cold beer. I've deserved it. 12 straight days of riding. Put on some miles these last two weeks. Adios amigos.



I don't think I'm gonna ride for too long today. Probably only 200 miles to Sierra Vista, Arizona. Tucson would be pushing it. Especially in this heat, and don't wanna exhaust myself on my birthday. Some people sent me money (against my will) on Venmo and told me to take it easy and get myself another motel tonight and just relax. Wow! People are so awesome. Thank you again, you know who you are!

Here's another progress picture, I'm probably 60% done with the trip. I have heaps of people waiting for me on the west coast, so that might take a couple weeks to get through there. But I will gladly take it slow. I want to see/meet so many people. I'm coming for you west coast!! See you soon.


Moto El Paso

Heading to Sierra Vista or Tucson tomorrow. All depends on the heat. It's supposed to be 100+ all day long.

El Paso treated me so well. A guy contacted me on social media and offered his Airbnb rental to me... for free! Omar, thank you so much, I'm so glad I got to meet you. I'm incredibly thankful for you. Let's keep in contact. I also stopped at Moto El Paso today. Wow! What great people there, they treated me like I've been a customer there for years. Everyone there had a smile and congratulated me on my adventure. They hooked me up with some t-shirts, oil, and some pizza! Incredible people. Thank you to Tracy and the rest of the Moto El Paso team. I'm happy I stopped in.

I'm in a motel tonight, in Columbus, New Mexico. Right on the border of Mexico. I'm treating myself because it's my birthday tomorrow. The big 2-9.



So, let's talk about yesterday. Where do I begin? First, I want to ask why there are stretches of roads that are 200 miles that DO NOT have any gas stations? I cannot answer that question.


I ran out of gas THREE times yesterday! The first time, I knew I was going to, but that's why I have my spare 1 gallon gas can. The next two times were a surprise to me.


So, I fill up before I head out into the Texas desert. I have a full tank and a full gas can. I can make the 200 miles I tell myself. Oh, boy was I wrong. I didn't factor in ascending mountains and driving into a full on head wind. After I ran out of gas the first time, I knew I was in trouble because I had only gone about 80 miles or so, but filled my tank up from my gas can and kept pushing, hoping for the best. From then on, all I was doing was looking at my gas gauge, I was going to fall plenty short of the next gas station. All sorts of thoughts are going through my head, mostly bad ones, but after a while, I tell myself to keep positive, everything will work out. KEEP POSITIVE. My gas gauge needle is dipping below the E mark. I'm going to run out soon, and I'm still 40 miles away from the next station. Finally, I run out. I sputter to a stop on the shoulder of the road, and I kid you not, 5 seconds later a blue truck pulls over about twenty yards ahead of me. Three guys get out of the truck, and they lift huge gas cans out of the bed of the truck, and they start filling the truck. THEY RAN OUT OF GAS TOO! What are the odds of that happening? In the last 160 miles I drove, I didn't see one vehicle pulled over to the side of the road, but now two vehicles run out of gas at the same time? Within 5 seconds of each other? Strange. I work up the courage to ask them if I can have some fuel, they oblige. They gave me for what I thought to be about a half of gallon. I thank them over and over, and then head on my way. 40 miles? You got this. I finally reach civilizations and start seeing businesses! I'm going to make it... Nope, I fall short a block away from the gas station. I'm still so thankful that I made it this far, it could have gone the total opposite. I could still be 40 miles back on the side of the road in the 105 degree desert, waiting for someone to stop and help me out. I walk a block and get some gas, and head on my way into El Paso. What a day, what a day. I feel that my positivity helped out so much in this fiasco. GOD was definitely watching over me and sent his three angels to help me out. I'm truly BLESSED!



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