Arrived in Jackson, Wyoming early this afternoon. What an incredible place. This place has always been on my bucket list. I was invited by my best friend and his wife to stay at her parents house. Today we ate at the Snake River Brewery, and also went to the Granite Hot Springs. The next few days are jam packed full of hiking, razor riding, and dirt biking. I’m so incredibly blessed. I’ll keep everyone posted on what goes down these next 3-4 days. Love you.


Last year

One year ago I made my first long distance scooter trip. One year ago is where it all began. One year ago my love for long distance scooter travel began. On this day last year, I rode a Tao Tao down to Chicago from Minneapolis to try to get a sponsorship from a scooter company. Even though I didn’t receive a sponsorship, the 500ish mile trip taught me a lot about myself. I learned, never again ride a Chinese scooter, they’re just not worth the headache and money. I learned to never stop giving up on a dream. Even though I got denied a sponsorship, I still went through with my dream of breaking a world record. Life goals aren’t going to be easy, they’re not going to be a straight line. There will be many obstacles, many trials and tribulations, if you don’t quit, if you continue to trust the process, your dreams will become a reality. I’m so thankful for the Chicago trip. I will never forget it.



Made it home early this morning at about 3am, and came home to a great surprise. There was a package waiting for me from CityBike Magazine. I was displayed in last months issue from when I was at Amerivespa. Such a cool thing to be a part of, my first time being in a magazine! Hopefully this is just the beginning. Thanks for everyone’s support!



It’s been real Colorado! Had a wonderful time.If I ever settle down in life, Colorado might be the place. Now the long car ride back to Minnesota, should be pretty easy I guess considering. Next week I have another little trip planned too, and then I’ll be in Minnesota for the whole winter. The winter will be consisting of working as much as I can so I can save some more money for Europe. Not having an income for 6 months has sucked and has put a dent in the savings, but no worries, things are starting to look good for the future of wanderingtyson.

Oh yeah!! If you know me well, or follow me on Snapchat, you will know that I am addicted to Chipotle, so whenever I come to Denver, I always have to stop at the first location. The place that started it all!



Heading to Colorado for a few days to meet up with my brother and his girlfriend. The thing is... I’m not riding the scoot out there. Feels weird having a long road trip without my main man, Scooter McGavin. My sister and aunt will be the ones keeping me company in the car. Should be some good days of hiking and exploring. Weather is supposed to be perfect.


Done for the year

Made it back home to Minneapolis this evening. It was a brutally cold and a windy day, but Scooter McGavin and I prevailed. I feel the trip was a a great success. Met so many awesome people that I will never forget, also met some great companies that I hopefully will be able to partner with in the future. No more long trips on the scoot for the rest of the year. This winter I will be working to save more money and also I will be preparing for next years Europe+The World trip on a 50cc scooter.

Thank you everyone for your ongoing support of my scooter travels. I promise, I will be bringing better and better content for next year and years to come. These last 6 months were just the beginning of my travels on a 50cc scooter. I’m going to scoot the world! I will be updating everyone now and again, just to bug you guys. Love you.