Thanks to Tasha, for hosting me for the night. Today, I'm gonna head to the Miami area for a few days. Beach bum it for sure. Hopefully I'll get to meet up with my cousin, Adam.

Heard a great song this morning, and it just reminded me. ALWAYS BE HUMBLE AND KIND.



I just want to give a couple shout outs. First I want to thank my cousin Daniel, and his girlfriend Kerri for putting me up for the night. It was nice seeing him and meeting her. We had a good night of burgers, beer, and House of Cards. Thanks again you two!

Second, I want to give a huge shout out to Solano Cycle of Saint Augustine. What an amazing company. Seriously, one of the best scooter companies around. If you are in the Jacksonville/St. Augustine/Gainesville area, and looking to buy a scooter, CHECK THEM OUT!! They hooked me up with a shirt, and a $50 gas card. I'm so grateful for them. I will definitely be stopping at Solano Cycle of Gainesville when I stop through there. The gas card will be get me to Texas! See you soon Solano! Thank you for everything.

I'm in Satellite Beach, FL tonight. My host Amy is incredible. Tomorrow, I think I'll be heading to Palm Beach, and then Miami on Monday. Catch ya later!


Flo Rida

Well, made it to Florida yesterday, and boy does it feel good. For the last couple states, I've gone off my original route a little bit to test some state highways. And to be honest they weren't too bad. I kinda feel more safe on them than I do on some of the county roads. State highways usually have 2 or more lanes, and I feel this is much safer for people to pass me. Also, I don't have oncoming traffic all day long. I'm not saying I'm gonna be strictly using state highways for the rest of the trip, but once and a while I'll be hopping on them.

I'm in St. Augustine at the moment, visiting my cousin and his girlfriend, and later I'll be heading to Melbourne area. I already have a host set up, so no worries there.

Again, I just want to thank everyone again for their support and help along the way. Y'all are the best. Here's to another milestone!


St. Augustine

With all the rain I've been going through, I didn't have a chance to see Savannah the way I wanted to. But I did get a chance to drive through the city, and also stop at a wonderful scooter shop. I stopped in Hawg Scooters of Savannah, and just said hello to the owners. They were awesome guys. Even though I didn't need anything for Scooter McGavin, they still offered to help in any way possible. After getting out of Savannah, I headed to the city, Hinesville, GA. There, I stayed with my Couchsurfing host, James. What a cool dude, we shared many stories of our travels, and our plans for the future. I'll definitely be seeing him in the not to distant future. Thank you again, James.Now off to St. Augustine, FL, to see my cousin Dan. Gonna be a beautiful ride. Byeee.

This is James and I.


Again with the rain

I just want to thank everyone for trying to help me get a place to sleep tonight in Savannah. Unfortunately, I was caught in another rainstorm. This rain is the bane of my existence. I had to veer off my route and get a motel for the night. I'm just so grateful for everyone supporting and trying to help me on this trip. You keep me going everyday. I'll keep you updated on what the plans are for tomorrow.



Made it to Charleston today, but it wasn't easy. There were some close calls today. First was going over a bridge with very short barriers on the side with signs reading "strong wind gusts." I seriously thought it was the end for me on that bridge. I was getting pushed around like crazy. Second, I got caught in an extreme down pour. Thankfully I found some shelter at this state park. I finally got a thin window to keep pushing towards Charleston. After arriving, I washed and dried my clothes. I'm safe! God definitely was looking over me today.

Right now, just waiting for my host to get off work. Tomorrow, hopefully I'll be heading to Savannah, it depends on the weather. Some real bad storms here in the south y'all.

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Extremely grateful. Today, I was a guest on Keeler On Air at Z1075 here in Wilmington, NC. I am so blessed, this trip is opening so many doors for me. My brother Nick, set the whole thing up. He's the man. Thank you, Nick!! I hope to get some scooter riders to ride with me to Myrtle Beach on Monday! Thank you everyone for your support. I hope to get the link later for you to listen. Gonna enjoy the weekend in the sun. Byyeeeee


Rich wha? Richmond

What a great night in Richmond, Virginia. Met up with a friend who I met in Cancun a couple months ago. He invited me to his home and even gave me his bedroom! What a guy. Sam, thank you so much for making me feel at home. You are a wonderful cook and such a wonderful person. I'm so grateful for you.

I'm off to Raleigh, NC. I might do a Couchsurf tonight, or I might camp out. It's so beautiful today. I'll decide when I get there. Then tomorrow I head to Wilmington, NC, to see my brother for the weekend. Gonna be a fun time. Adios!