Last year

One year ago I made my first long distance scooter trip. One year ago is where it all began. One year ago my love for long distance scooter travel began. On this day last year, I rode a Tao Tao down to Chicago from Minneapolis to try to get a sponsorship from a scooter company. Even though I didn’t receive a sponsorship, the 500ish mile trip taught me a lot about myself. I learned, never again ride a Chinese scooter, they’re just not worth the headache and money. I learned to never stop giving up on a dream. Even though I got denied a sponsorship, I still went through with my dream of breaking a world record. Life goals aren’t going to be easy, they’re not going to be a straight line. There will be many obstacles, many trials and tribulations, if you don’t quit, if you continue to trust the process, your dreams will become a reality. I’m so thankful for the Chicago trip. I will never forget it.