Countdown: 5 days

What's the end game? I find that question easy to answer. HAPPINESS. That's the end game for me. It's not cars, money, mansions, or any of that. My goal is to be as happy as possible. Another goal is to make just enough money on my travels to get by. I only need $1,000 a month to travel the world. The last two years, I've been saving and budgeting enough, that I think I'll be able to travel care-free for about two years before I start having to worry about money. This money will eventually come from running the website, my social media accounts, and some other ventures that aren't concrete yet. A lot of people asked me if I had a GOFUNDME account... I was a little perplexed by that question. Why would I have a GOFUNDME account? This is my dream, I should fund it myself. If I want something bad enough, I have to do anything in my power to go after it myself. 5 days until my dreams start becoming my reality! Have a good day, everyone!