What a day/night!

Sitting here in Decorah, eating breakfast, thinking about what has transpired over the past 24 hours. All I can say is, that yesterday I was so spoiled with the way the day panned out. Sure, the wind was a little harsh, the temp a little bitter, and road construction galore!! But, these things are gonna happen over and over, I can't control those things. I was still spoiled. After I got to Decorah, I turned the GPS off and headed to a little cabin in the woods about 10 miles out. There, I met my Couchsurfing host, Kristin. She was with her little sister Emma, who was  visiting from Wisconsin. The cabin in the woods was her friends parents property. When we got in the cabin, we immediately went downstairs, where Kristin was showing Emma how to play the ukulele. And OH MY GOD!! Kristin was like an Angel singing, her ukulele skill were incredible. And for it being Emma's first night playing, she did a fantastic job also. It would take me months to play the chords she played. After that, we went to the property owners actual house, there we talked to Liz about life, my journey, and also they sang songs. Bedtime after that, since we were getting up at 6am to help some friends put plastic over their greenhouse frame. 6am, and we're out the door 10 minutes away. Over the next couple hours, we helped put thick plastic sheets over the greenhouse frame. I was the ladder holder master, also the king of de-tangling "wiggle wire." What an incredible experience. What a spoiled first day. Not gonna be like that everyday!