Last night was another amazing night. After I arrived to my Couchsurfing Hosts (Jack) house, he told me we were going to a film festival. So I hopped in the car not knowing what I was getting into. We get to the theatre, and I find out that this is an Iowa renowned film festival. The Julien Dubuque International Film Festival. Jack, using his ways as very popular guy, got me into the theater. We watched a silent film, from 1927. This was just no regular silent film. This was Alfred Hitchcock's The Lodger. Also, there was a live band playing the score. For being 90 years old, the film was fantastic, it brought excitement, terror, without any dialogue. After that, we headed back to Jacks place, and a few drinks while watching YouTube videos. Finally I slept, and slept HARD. I slept in today, so I think I'm gonna hang in Dubuque for one more day. Jack, somewhat of a historian in these parts, said he's gonna take me on a tour of the city. Catch ya later!!