Storm Chaser

Just got settled into Pittsburgh. Oh my, what a beautiful city! I had no idea it was this gorgeous.

Today was the day drivers started to get mad at me. Haha. After I left Canton, it was nothing but hills for Scooter McGavin and I. Mountainside after mountainside. I always felt relief descending, but then always got hit with the harsh reality that I have to ascend after that. I got passed a lot today, always stuck to the shoulder when I knew I was being slow. I told myself "as long as you're legally allowed to be on the road, you're fine." Thanks, self.

Once I hit West Virginia, I actually started to see the mountains. Gorgeous. My next video will have the view I seen. I was only in West Virginia for about 20 miles, then I hit Pennsylvania. When I got into Pittsburgh, I accidentally got onto the interstate for a couple miles, thank God it was going down hill, or I would have been in serious trouble. That nitrous oxide really came in handy!

Going to get Scooter McGavin a routine checkup tomorrow morning, then most likely it's off to State College. Where the Nittany Lions live!

Oh yeah, did I tell you I chased a storm today?