Bad day

Since leaving 3 weeks ago, whenever I've had a bad day or have been put in a crappy situation, I always look at this picture. This was the day I quit my job and promised myself I would never go back. The day I told myself to follow my dreams and don't look back.

Yesterday was one of those bad days for me. After contacting 15 couchsurfing hosts from Philadelphia the night prior, I figured I'd be in the clear and head to Philadelphia without an actual confirmation of getting a couch to sleep on. Play the odds right? Not every one of the 15 can turn me down right? Yes, yes they can. Either they denied or didn't get a response. I am in no way whatsoever blaming these people for my bad decisions. I am very grateful for Couchsurfing and have no complaints about it at all. Sometimes they say no, sometimes they say yes. I just learned a valuable lesson: never head towards a destination without a confirmed host.

This usually wouldn't be a problem, but when there's rain coming, it's presents a problem. After I get to Philadelphia, I check the Couchsurfing app and still no responses, I weighed my options.

1. Get a hostel/hotel.

2. Hang out at a 24 hour restaurant.

3. Night ride to D.C. 

I try option 1 first. I drive around going to hostels in downtown Philadelphia, and everyone of them is booked. Okay... that sucks.

Should I even try option 2? No, not gonna do that again, especially with crowds of drunk people piled into a small McDonald's.

So, option 3 was the next best. A little night riding, hoping for the rain to either dissipate or be very light.

I hop on Scooter McGavin and do some night riding. Heading to our nations capital. Well, it didn't go as planned. The light rain turned into an all out monsoon. After enduring this for 20 minutes, I decide it's not worth my safety to keep riding. I need to get a hotel. I pull over, pull out my phone and check "cheap" hotels in the area. As my luck has it, they're all booked. So, I guess I'll scoot on to Delaware where there are rooms available?

Delaware, I didn't think I'd be visiting you on this trip. After about an hour and a half I get to my final destination. New Castle, DE. Even though I broke one of my goals for this trip, I needed to buy accommodation for a night. I'm a little sad for that, but my safety is what comes first. I can't break the record if I'm hurt or dead right?

So, again looking at this picture, it reminds me why I quit my job and decided to go into the unknown. For the love of travel and the escape of my not so happy life I was living.

I'm gonna stay in New Castle for one more night (rain), and then continue to D.C. tomorrow, where the weather looks beautiful for the next week.