St. Augustine

With all the rain I've been going through, I didn't have a chance to see Savannah the way I wanted to. But I did get a chance to drive through the city, and also stop at a wonderful scooter shop. I stopped in Hawg Scooters of Savannah, and just said hello to the owners. They were awesome guys. Even though I didn't need anything for Scooter McGavin, they still offered to help in any way possible. After getting out of Savannah, I headed to the city, Hinesville, GA. There, I stayed with my Couchsurfing host, James. What a cool dude, we shared many stories of our travels, and our plans for the future. I'll definitely be seeing him in the not to distant future. Thank you again, James.Now off to St. Augustine, FL, to see my cousin Dan. Gonna be a beautiful ride. Byeee.

This is James and I.