I just want to give a couple shout outs. First I want to thank my cousin Daniel, and his girlfriend Kerri for putting me up for the night. It was nice seeing him and meeting her. We had a good night of burgers, beer, and House of Cards. Thanks again you two!

Second, I want to give a huge shout out to Solano Cycle of Saint Augustine. What an amazing company. Seriously, one of the best scooter companies around. If you are in the Jacksonville/St. Augustine/Gainesville area, and looking to buy a scooter, CHECK THEM OUT!! They hooked me up with a shirt, and a $50 gas card. I'm so grateful for them. I will definitely be stopping at Solano Cycle of Gainesville when I stop through there. The gas card will be get me to Texas! See you soon Solano! Thank you for everything.

I'm in Satellite Beach, FL tonight. My host Amy is incredible. Tomorrow, I think I'll be heading to Palm Beach, and then Miami on Monday. Catch ya later!