Flo Rida

Well, made it to Florida yesterday, and boy does it feel good. For the last couple states, I've gone off my original route a little bit to test some state highways. And to be honest they weren't too bad. I kinda feel more safe on them than I do on some of the county roads. State highways usually have 2 or more lanes, and I feel this is much safer for people to pass me. Also, I don't have oncoming traffic all day long. I'm not saying I'm gonna be strictly using state highways for the rest of the trip, but once and a while I'll be hopping on them.

I'm in St. Augustine at the moment, visiting my cousin and his girlfriend, and later I'll be heading to Melbourne area. I already have a host set up, so no worries there.

Again, I just want to thank everyone again for their support and help along the way. Y'all are the best. Here's to another milestone!