Heading to Houston tomorrow!

So, I made it to Texas today. I'm right on the border, in the city of Orange. Put about 400 miles on in the last two days. Weather has been perfect, I hope it's a sign for good things to come. I'm going to try to keep pushing for some longer days ahead. I want to make it to Cali by the 20th. CALI FOLKS be ready for me!! I've been getting messaged from people on the west coast that they want to ride with me when I arrive there. One guy said he has 40 riders waiting for me. Maybe get on the PCH for a bit!?

The route to Cali is looking like, Houston, Austin, San Angelo, Odessa, El Paso, Sierra Vista/ Tucson, Yuma, San Diego, and then the way up. If you're near these cities and want to meet up, let me know!

It's my birthday next Saturday, and have no plans, any suggestions? I should be in southern AZ at that time. Thanks everyone, talk later!