Austin, I'll see you tomorrow!

Made it to Houston today, and let me tell you, when I say I'm the Rain Magnet, I really mean, I am the Rain Magnet. The whole state of Texas today had no rain... except where I was, no lie! Haha. Other than the 45 minute rain delay, the ride was pretty easy. The speed limit on these back roads are pretty ridiculous though, farm roads are 75mph. So crazy. Thankfully they have huge shoulders, so I don't cause too much of a line behind me. When I arrived to Houston, I was greeted by Chase and Joel at Scootersmith. What a couple of cool dudes, they hooked me up with some stickers and some oil. They also took me on a tour of the city. Downtown Houston is really nice. Very artsy. When we got back to the shop, the owner Steve was there. He greeted me with a smile and some very encouraging words. He even gave me gas money, and bought me dinner. I can't down play the amount of support I have gotten on this trip. It's been so unbelievable. I am so so grateful. After dinner, Chase and Joel invited me to stay at their place. Like I said, the support has been so unbelievable. So gonna hang out here for the night, and head to Austin tomorrow.