7 grand

Yesterday, I hit 7,000 overall miles. 5,400 of those miles are counted towards the record. I made it to Midland around 6:30pm last night. About 7.5 hours of driving and 265 miles logged. The ride was fairly easy, even though it reached 100 degrees. I stayed pretty cool the whole way, even with me wearing my face mask. I've been wearing it lately to protect my nose from the sun. The sunscreen wasn't working at all. Today, it's gonna be around a 300 mile ride to El Paso. Someone reached out to me and said I can stay in their Airbnb for free. So very fortunate for that. People are so amazing. Just a quick shout out to Ramon, and his family for hosting me last night. It was a great time. You have such a wonderful family. Keep in touch. Okay, off to El Paso. Adios amigos.