So, let's talk about yesterday. Where do I begin? First, I want to ask why there are stretches of roads that are 200 miles that DO NOT have any gas stations? I cannot answer that question.


I ran out of gas THREE times yesterday! The first time, I knew I was going to, but that's why I have my spare 1 gallon gas can. The next two times were a surprise to me.


So, I fill up before I head out into the Texas desert. I have a full tank and a full gas can. I can make the 200 miles I tell myself. Oh, boy was I wrong. I didn't factor in ascending mountains and driving into a full on head wind. After I ran out of gas the first time, I knew I was in trouble because I had only gone about 80 miles or so, but filled my tank up from my gas can and kept pushing, hoping for the best. From then on, all I was doing was looking at my gas gauge, I was going to fall plenty short of the next gas station. All sorts of thoughts are going through my head, mostly bad ones, but after a while, I tell myself to keep positive, everything will work out. KEEP POSITIVE. My gas gauge needle is dipping below the E mark. I'm going to run out soon, and I'm still 40 miles away from the next station. Finally, I run out. I sputter to a stop on the shoulder of the road, and I kid you not, 5 seconds later a blue truck pulls over about twenty yards ahead of me. Three guys get out of the truck, and they lift huge gas cans out of the bed of the truck, and they start filling the truck. THEY RAN OUT OF GAS TOO! What are the odds of that happening? In the last 160 miles I drove, I didn't see one vehicle pulled over to the side of the road, but now two vehicles run out of gas at the same time? Within 5 seconds of each other? Strange. I work up the courage to ask them if I can have some fuel, they oblige. They gave me for what I thought to be about a half of gallon. I thank them over and over, and then head on my way. 40 miles? You got this. I finally reach civilizations and start seeing businesses! I'm going to make it... Nope, I fall short a block away from the gas station. I'm still so thankful that I made it this far, it could have gone the total opposite. I could still be 40 miles back on the side of the road in the 105 degree desert, waiting for someone to stop and help me out. I walk a block and get some gas, and head on my way into El Paso. What a day, what a day. I feel that my positivity helped out so much in this fiasco. GOD was definitely watching over me and sent his three angels to help me out. I'm truly BLESSED!



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