Tucson or Phoenix, I'll see you tomorrow!

Today, I made it to Sierra Vista, Arizona. With temperatures teetering around 100 degrees. But to be honest, the heat hasn't been bothering me too much, it's a dry heat, and I'm wearing a face mask, and big ski goggles, so my face isn't getting beat up by the sun. Maybe that's helping me? I've had a lot of people messaging me telling me not to push it too much because of the heat, I really appreciate you all. Today's ride was alright, 6 1/2 hours of driving and 200 miles total. Lots of climbing up mountains, but that made for some spectacular views. Cacti, border patrol, mountains, and even a couple of coyotes were my sights for the day.

22 states down, 6 to go. Those 6 are pretty big states though. I should be in San Diego in 3 days. So, SD people!! Be ready! I'm coming for ya.

I'm laying in my motel room, AC on full blast, enjoying an ice cold beer. I've deserved it. 12 straight days of riding. Put on some miles these last two weeks. Adios amigos.