Cancelled flights

Stopped for a water/Powerade break in Florence, Arizona. It's pretty hot out here, but it's not bothering me too much. I think it's all those years of working construction. It's so hot today, they were canceling flights in Phoenix. 😳😳. I'm about 60 miles out of Phoenix, where I'll stay for the night, and then off to Yuma tomorrow. Big shout out to my host last night, Ethan. Super cool dude, whom I shared a lot of interests with. Met his friend Tosh, who also stayed over night. Thank you guys for showing me a great time in Tucson. Also, a guy named Rafa contacted me on Instagram and asked if I wanted to meet him for an early lunch today. Of course I said. Rafa is a sport bike rider, who has made some incredible trips on his bike also. He treated me to a local spot, egee's. Pretty dang good! Thanks Rafa! I was glad to have met you. Keep in touch.