Sometimes you gotta go on primitive roads in the Sonoran Desert to get to your destination.

Taking my time to get to Yuma today. The heat was definitely brutal for a while, when I was on the back roads. Rock, dirt, and sand roads, all in one. So I was only able to go 20 mph, and sometimes only about 5 mph. When I'm going that slow, I'm not getting any wind in my face, which makes me more hot. Glad I'm out of that for the day. It makes for pretty views, but not really ideal on a 120 degree day.

Shout out to McDonald's for having $1 large drinks with unlimited refills! I've been stopping at you for the last few days to get Powerade. Powerade and water has been saving my life these past few days. Always remember to keep hydrated people! The sun is no joke.

Also shout out to Heidenau Tires. I've went 8,100 miles so far on this trip, I've went through, sand, rock, mud, pebbles, anything you can think of, and your tires have beasted through it. They still have a ton of tread on them. You make a really quality tire.

Probably going to make it to Yuma in a few hours, and then off to San Diego tomorrow. Byeee.