The OC

The OC has treated me nice these last couple of days. Met with a couple buddies from the neighborhood. Jack, Pat, thank you guys for hanging out with me and letting me crash at your guys places. It was so awesome to catch up. Jack took my out Saturday night to the Huntington Beach pier, and yesterday Pat tried to show me how to surf in New Port beach. So difficult.

I've been meeting tons of cool people from the motorcycle industry. One guy whom I've been in contact with pretty much the entire trip took me out to lunch. I met his wife (both don't want to be named), and we just talked about my trip and the motorcycle/scooter industry. They even hooked me up with some cash, and fuel gift cards. I'm so fortunate. People are so awesome.

Tomorrow, I've been invited to ride with The Gooniez OC Grom Squad. We're just going to ride around the city for a while. I'm so excited to meet these guys. Should be a fun ride. Some special guests are going to show up as well. See you all tomorrow night!!

Oh yeah, I replaced my milk crate again. Third one I've used so far. Hopefully this one lasts till I get back to Minneapolis. For Europe, I'm going to be getting a trailer. Much easier.