Stopped by the headquarters of AIMExpo today. Super friendly people. Welcomed me with smiles and encouraging words. If I don't head to Europe right away when this trip is complete, I will definitely be riding Scooter McGavin down to Columbus, Ohio, late September for their expo. They run the largest powersports expo in North America. It would be awesome to go, and meet tons of brands. It's about 50/50 right now if I'll be going.

Tonight, I'll be going on a fun little ride with the Gooniez OC Grom Squad. Should be loads of fun. Excited to meet everyone. Also, tomorrow I have a surprise for everyone. High level bucket list action is going down tomorrow night. I will be riding with the LAPD in a ride along... in a helicopter!! 2 1/2 hours of awesomeness. I'm so stoked to have the opportunity to do this. Thank you to LAPD and to Officer Rob for setting this up for me. I'm so so excited.

I'll try to get some footage for everyone. It's gonna be at night, so we'll see how the video turns out. Thank you to everyone for the ongoing support.