Donut time

Update time!

Miles towards the record: 6,900 miles.

Money spent on fuel: $280.

I figure I'll beat the beat the record right after I attend Amerivespa. I plan on being in Portland/Vancouver on the 3rd or 4th. I might be doing some night riding, or some very long riding days to make that happen. This needs to happen. And of course Amerivespa on the 6th. I'm thinking I'll be back home in Minneapolis around July 20th.

Last night was amazing! I took a ride with the Gooniez OC Grom Squad. I don't use the word EPIC too often, but it was so EPIC. I don't even know how many bikes there were that made the 12 miles ride but there was for sure 50+ bikes. Everything from Scooter, groms, sport bikes, and motorcycles. Everyone on the street had their phones out and were recording us. It was EPIC. Thank you guys for inviting me to ride with you. You guys are so cool.

Tonight, I'll be riding with the LAPD in a helicopter. I'm sososo excited for this. What better way to see LA for the first time than from a helicopter? So stoked. See you guys later!