Time crunch

First, I just want to give a big thank you to Heidenau Tires for hooking me up with a rear tire! The original one was still looking good after 9,500 miles, but we felt we better be safe and slap a new one on there. John, thank you so much, it was very nice meeting, and we will definitely stay in touch. I'll see you and Felicia at Amerivespa.

Now about yesterday. Yesterday I left the LA area and told myself "drive as far north as possible. You need to make up some ground." So that's what I did. I was on the road for about 11hours, covering a total of 310 miles. I did some long distance night riding for the first time. It was great. No traffic, cool weather (maybe too cool), and I got to see something I never have before. As I was driving through farm land, I seen planes flying really low, like to the point I thought they were going to crash. But, nope, they were just crop dusting. Super awesome to see that, especially at night.

The quandary I now face. I need to be in Portland area by the 4th. I have family that lives there that I haven't seen in forever. So in order to make it there by the 4th, I'm not going to be able to see everyone I wanted to along the way there. I'm sorry. Time just caught up to me. I need to plan my stops very carefully.

I'm going to be in San Jose for the night, and then I'm not sure where I'm heading tomorrow. Maybe SF, but with the time crunch, I might need to pass. It sucks, but it has to be like this.