I took another day off yesterday just to make sure I was 100% to hit the road again. I probably won't be taking another break until I get back to Minneapolis. I'm headed east today to the town of Omak. I'm only a few hours away, taking a quick break right now.

Today I experienced the first flat tire of my scooter career. A small nail was the culprit. No worries though, I was prepared and had my tire kit. Always, and I mean always carry a tire repair kit! It will save you one day. I promise you.

Today has been the most beautiful day when it comes to scenery. I will never forget what my eyes looked at today. Absolutely incredible landscapes through the North Cascade Mountains. I recommend driving through them on Highway 20/N Cascades Hwy. You will not regret it. Well, got to get back on the road, still a few hours away. Talk later!