Plain Jane

Yesterday's drive was pretty easy, made to it Great Falls, MT, from Missoula. Montana is huge, haha. Great thing about yesterday is that I escaped the mountains, only plains from here onto Minneapolis. It feels great, Scooter McGavin doesn't like mountains, he made noises after going through them. Now, the WIND will be my biggest foe, I had a little taste of it yesterday, so let's hope it's not too breezy this next week.


Again, I just wanted to thank everyone for sharing, liking, and commenting on my post from yesterday and hope you will continue to do so. A few things happen when you do this, it motivates me to keep going, but most importantly, the post will be seen by strangers, people who might be inspired to follow their dreams. That's what I want out of my travels, to inspire people to follow their dreams, it doesn't have to be travel dreams, it could be anything. FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS PEOPLE!


Today, I'm just going to ride east until I think it's time to stop. Not much out here in Montana. Talk later!! Love you.


Total miles toward the record: 9,185.08 and counting.