Made it to North Dakota today. Pretty easy ride until about 50 miles out, my broke down for the first time. It sounded pretty bad, all the worst thoughts going through my head. I park it, and look under it, and my spark plug came undone. It was just dangling there. I was surprised it popped off, that's never happened to me before, but I guess with the bumps on the road today, it must've jiggled its way loose. I guess I'll have to put more elbow grease into it next time. Has that ever happened to anyone? Let me know, please.

As soon as I was done tightening the spark plug, it starts to down pour on me, I quickly get up, get the scooter started and take off as fast as I can. About five miles into riding, I start complaining to myself about the rain hitting my face and eyes so hard, I FORGOT MY MASK AND GLASSES five miles back on the side of the road. There's no way I'm going back for them, not when I'm trying to outrun this rain. I finally get out of the rain, and make my way towards Dickinson, ND. Need to go buy new glasses. I have a spare mask.

Tomorrow, I think I'm going to head to Harvey, ND, to visit my cousin for a day or two, and then onto MN. Twin Cities metro people, if you wanna ride me in when I get back, I'm going to push for this Sunday, mid day. Hope to see a lot of you. I'll keep you posted!

Total miles towards the record: 9,711.48 miles.