Updated map.

Yesterday, I painfully had to skip out on a lot of things. People and places I wanted to see, but I NEED to get to Portland area by the 4th. I left San Jose through the Bay Area mountains. I wish I could say the views were gorgeous, but they were not. Only because the views were non-existent. A super thick fog hung over the mountains the whole time riding through them. It was actually kind of dangerous, it was rainy and I could only see about 10 yards in front of me at times. My body was freezing, and my teeth were chattering the whole time. Not fun. I kept telling myself "it'll be warmer when you get to sea level."

I stopped in San Francisco quick to get lunch with my cousin Raya. She even waited for me as I was stuck in traffic trying to cross the Golden Gate Bridge. Took me an hour and a half to get nine miles when I was in San Francisco. It was like NYC all over again. When I finally made it to the restaurant, Raya and her friend greeted me with smiles and hugs. I ate a huge meal including "billionaires bacon" which held me over for the next 7 hours of riding. Thank you again Raya for lunch! I will be seeing you soon.

I drove 250 miles yesterday over the span of 10 hours. The mountains in the Bay Area and the mountains in the Napa Valley area kinda slowed me down. I drove as far north as I could, when the sun set, the bugs were getting unbearable. At least I had glasses and a face mask, but even with those on, these kamikaze bugs were relentless. Somehow getting into my ears and on my face. Yuck. Note to self: get full faced helmet for the future.

I ended in a little town called Willows, CA. Today, I'm going to drive north as far as I can again, hopefully I'll get to Oregon. Talk later!