After spending a few days with my cousin Erik in Harvey, ND, I planned on riding 200 miles east to Fargo. Well, things didn't go as planned. After about an hour of riding, I started to notice a huge storm behind me, it looked like it was about 40 miles away. Keeping an eye on the storm, it was gaining on me slowly, I continued to push on as fast as I could, thinking to myself that I might be able to outride this storm. I started to feel the rain drops, not good, then the wind started to pick up. The first gust of wind wasn't too bad, but then the second and third almost dang near pushed me over. I need shelter NOW! Being in the middle of nowhere, chances were slim that I would find a barn, bridge, or even anything to keep me dry. The rain starts to come down hard now. Finally after about 5 minutes of the down pour, I see this small town of Glenfield, I pull in and see a school with a covered entrance. I pull Scooter McGavin in, and am safe... I think. Not even a minute after pulling in the wind starts to pick up greatly. One more minute and a 50 foot tree falls down right in front of me. If it wasn't for the school entrance, the tree would've definitely killed me. I waited the initial storm out for thirty minutes, it starts to calm down. I'm able to maneuver myself out, but the scooter is stuck. I walk around the town and talk to the local residents. They're not sure if it was a tornado or straight line winds that were 80mph. Either way, everyone was safe. Lots of trees and power lines down though. Mike, a local guy who turned out to be a teacher at the school helped me out, we opened the door to the entrance where the scooter was, and I walked it through the school and out another entrance. Freedom! I waited the for the second wave of the storm, this time it wasn't too bad, just some heavy rain for 30 minutes. Then I still waited another hour or so before I left. When leaving the town, I see all sorts of devastation. Trees everywhere, road signs in the middle of fields, and I seen one semi truck tipped over on its side. It was a scary scene. I'm so glad for that little town of Glenfield, and that little school, if it had not been there, I probably would have died today, either from getting hit by debris, or getting sucked up into the tornado (if there was one). I'm very fortunate, and I know for a fact, that God was looking over me today. Tonight I'm staying in a little town of Cooperstown, ND. Not sure what city I'm going to tomorrow. I'm still gonna shoot for Minneapolis by Sunday mid day. LOVE YOU ALL.