It took me a night to settle, and actually process what transpired yesterday. This post will be really long, so if you don't have the time to read it, I'll just give you the gist of it. PEOPLE ARE AMAZING!!! Now if you want to read what happened yesterday, please continue reading...

Yesterday's plans were to drive from St. Cloud, MN, to Minneapolis, with a short pit stop at Starbucks in St. Louis Park to meet fellow scooter/motorcycle riders, so they could escort me into Minneapolis, completing my three month journey around the USA. It's the last day of my trip, hopefully nothing will go wrong, it's only about 75 miles of riding, should be a piece of cake... right?

So after allowing myself to sleep in, I get on with the usual routine, find a McDonald's for a few cups of coffee and find a gas station to fill up before I head out. Perfect, there's a McDonald's and a gas station right next to each other, things are starting off great already. While drinking my coffee, I check my social media and make a post about the plans remain the same: Meet at Starbucks at 3PM, kickstands up at 330PM, and then get escorted into Minneapolis for about 6 miles, stopping at Dave's Popcorn and Ice Cream.

11:30AM: Coffee flowing in my veins and fuel running through Scooter McGavins veins, we're ready to make the drive. Three and a half hours to make the 75 mile drive should be plenty of time. I wanted to show up early to hang out, and greet everyone as they showed up. I start riding.

12PM: I start feeling some "hiccups" from the scoot    I know what that means right away, the spark plug is going bad and I'm not sure if I have an extra one. Usually I have an extra spark on me, but the auto parts stores along the way didn't have my size. I plead to McGavin, "just a little longer, only about 60 miles more, you can do this."

12:30PM: Scooter McGavin breaks down, I know it's the spark plug, I just know it. I break down in front of a country house with a long drive way, big yard and a huge garage. I start to look for an extra spark plug, as I'm doing this, a truck drives up from the driveway to me. The man rolls down his window, "everything alright?" I tell him I know it's for sure the spark plug, and I'm looking to see if I have an extra one handy. "Roll the bike down the driveway into the garage, we'll figure it out" he says. Wow, what a nice guy. After rummaging through all my gear, I don't find spark plug. The man says "let's check to see if the problem is the spark." So we check the spark plug, and yup, no spark. I tell him that I'm all out of plugs, stupid mistake. He replies "No worries, I'll take you to the nearest auto parts store, I'm sure they'll have your size. I'm Derrick by the way."

We greet each other and head off to the auto parts store. While driving, he tells me that he's clearing out the garage and the yard, because next week his brother is getting married on the property. "There's a lot of work to be done still and actually I'm the officiant of the wedding" he says. I tell him that's so cool and keep telling him thank you for taking me to the parts store. I also tell him about my scooter journey and that today was the last day.

1PM: We're at the parts store, getting helped by one of the employees, who can't seem to find the right size. I'm thinking to myself "oh boy, this could end badly today, stranded on the last day because I didn't have a extra plug. Stupid, stupid." The employee suggests I call around the nearest cities to see if they have one. Duuuhh, great idea. So for the next five minutes or so I call around the nearest auto parts stores to see if they have the part. One store says they do, AWESOME! It's 12 miles away, shouldn't be a problem.

1:15PM: We hop in the truck and Derrick says, "hey I can't drive you to the store, but what I can do is when we back to the house, I'll give you my keys to this here truck, and you can drive it to the parts store, I have another run I have to do when I get back." I'm thinking to myself, I've only met this guy not even forty five minutes ago, and he's giving me the keys to his truck. I say "are you sure?" He replies "not a problem, you've been on quite a journey, everyone needs help along the way."

1:30PM: We get back to the house, he hands me the keys and I say "be right back." I can't believe this guy just handed me his keys to his truck, the world is full of great people. AMAZING PEOPLE. I figure if I get back by 2PM or so and get it fixed, I'll still have enough time to make it to Starbucks by 3PM. I drive to Napa, 12 miles away to get the plug and then hurry back to the house.

2:10PM: I hop out of the truck and quickly insert the new plug into the scoot. McGavin fires right up! YES!!! All because of a bad spark plug. Derrick and I exchange numbers and I repeatedly tell him thank you. I hop on the scoot and zip up the driveway. I'm going to make it!!

Here I go, I might be a little late to the escort but they'll understand.

2:30PM: I break down again, this time I know something really bad happened, no way it's the spark plug. I'm pretty sure the engine has seized up on me. I am stranded in front of a really long driveway and in between two cornfields. As I'm looking at the bike, a SUV pulls up to me, "everything alright?" I tell him my story and what has happened today, I ask him if this was his property. He replies "yes." I say " would there be a way to leave the scooter in the corn for a few hours while a cab comes and picks me up?" He replies "no problem." We exchange phone numbers and he says "just let me know what's going on for later." He drives away, and now I'm just in panic mode.

3PM: I'm supposed to be at Starbucks right now, meeting everyone. I'm such a jerk for letting this happen. I update my Facebook post, telling everyone in little detail what has happened and that I'm going to be late. I'm going to Uber there. People say they will wait for me.

3:30PM: The Uber picks me up and we're headed to Starbucks. Scooter McGavin made some new friends with the corn. All thoughts are going through my head right now.

4:10PM. I arrive to Starbucks, there's about twenty five people there. They waited all this time for me. I feel so appreciative. They make me feel so special. I only knew 3/25 that were there. I tell them all what had happened and they understood. They know what us riders go through sometimes.

4:15PM After telling them what happened, I say "let's get this ride going, can I sit on back of anyone scooter?" This man, whom I have never met comes up to me and says" here take my scooter, my wife and I will ride on hers, not s problem at all." I'm in shock and ask "are you sure?" He nods and says "absolutely, I have an extra helmet for you too." PEOPLE ARE AMZING!! Oh, what about my backpack, no worries, Mickyle and Mackenzie to the rescue. They drove their car here to see me. Mickyle, whom I've never met in person, is the guy who has provided his music to me for my videos. It was crazy cool to actually meet him in person!

The show goes on... minus scooter McGavin. We start to roll through Minneapolis. Gonna be a short ride, 6 miles.

4:35PM. We arrive, with me leading the pack. There's about twenty five people waiting for us at Dave's. Mostly family and friends. So crazy cool.

For the next forty five minutes or so, I greet everyone, and then I start to talk about what happened today and why I was late. They encircle me and ask questions about the trip. A lot of questions I wasn't ready for, I should've been prepared, but I was so mentally drained from the events that took place earlier. I probably fumble a lot words, but I take my best crack at it.

5:15PM and on: After the whole speech, I start to mingle around the crowd, and I meet a man, his son, and his sons girlfriend. They say they live near where I broke down, and they will gladly help me out with getting Scooter McGavin home. They just need to scoot home first and then they'll put it on a truck and deliver it to Minneapolis. PEOPLE ARE AMAZING!!

Bob, from Scooterville also showed up to Dave's. He says that they can bring McGavin to Scooterville tonight and we can put him inside no problem. Wow, so cool

After everything wrapped up, I head to my aunts house for a little get together, some family are there, it's great to see them. After that, I head to my moms, which some of you have seen on my posts, she's "so excited" for me to be home, and she's waited three months for this. Haha. I've only been gone three months three days.

8:45PM. I meet Scooter McGavins rescuers and Bob at Scooterville. We talk for a while, Bob tells me Scooterville will figure out the problem and hopefully I'll be back on the road soon. I have a 2 year, unlimited mile warranty  YES!! After talking for a while, we all go our separate ways and head home. What a crazy crazy crazy day!

So, all in all the journey was terrific. Sure, I'm a little disappointed that I didn't make it back to Minneapolis on the scoot, only 35 miles short, but that's okay. I still broke the record. I will be sending all my data to Guinness this week sometime, it's a lot of data. I'll also have some numbers for all you of sometime this week. Gas numbers, etc etc. 

I just want to thank everyone who was involved on this journey. I couldn't have done it without the support of everyone. Kept me going everyday, you kept me motivated, I'm so grateful. Sososo grateful. I cannot thank you enough. I'm a truly blessed individual.

Future plans: not sure yet, I'm definitely going to Europe on a 50cc in the spring, but until then, I'm going to take every day as it is. I'll keep everyone updated for sure. The journey does not end here. I'm going to SCOOT THE WORLD!


Broke the record by 1,616.18 mile.

Talk to you all soon.