What an incredible time it has been in Seattle at the 25th Amerivespa. Some awesome rides throughout the city, and shenanigans going on. I met tons of cool people. The weather was absolutely perfect, not what I was expecting here in the Northwest. Amerivespa also honored me with the award of the "furthest ridden on a modern scooter." I'm gonna have to ship this back home, since I do not have the room in my backpack.

To be honest, I'm excited to get back on the road tomorrow. The road is calling my name, and I need to answer that call. It looks like the weather should be pretty good as I go though the mountains of the Washington, Idaho, and Montana. I'm probably going to do some camping along the way, enjoy some scenery. I'll most likely be back in Minneapolis in 2 weeks time. But the adventures of the road can always change this. Adios.