Heart gave out

Sorry everyone for the social media blackout for the last week and a half. I've been both, busy and lazy. The busy times have been spent with family and friends, and also I've been emailing heaps of companies to see if they want to sponsor me in the future. My dad and step mom threw me a "coming back" party, which was really thoughtful and nice. I seen tons of family that I haven't seen in a while, so I'm very thankful for that get together. I've been staying with my mom since I've been back, she's so glad I'm home. Sorry mom, it's not gonna be like this for long, your son has some huge goals. The lazy times haven't been as fun, I've been sleeping a lot, and just laying around, reflecting on the trip, but more so thinking about what I want in my future and what I demand of myself. I have big goals for myself, I want to scoot the world.

Now for some updates. I have an update on Scooter McGavin. Scooter McGavins heart gave out. The engine "blew". The crank bearing broke, so from there it created more problems with the engine. The C clip also was so worn down l, it turned into a fish hook. I'm not the most knowledgeable about engines (learning), so I don't have all the mechanical lingo for you, all I know is that the engine is done for. Not to worry, my scooter came with a 2 year, UNLIMITED mile warranty, and just yesterday they approved the new engine for Scooter McGavin. So once he's fixed, there will be some minor adventures in the near future.

I plan on doing a small trip to Kansas in a few weeks to see the solar eclipse in its totality. Another trip is going to Ohio late in September for the AIMExpo. The sky is the limit from there, maybe some more Southern USA trips this winter, and I'm thinking of doing Baja, Mexico. Next spring I'm 100% going to Europe. Sponsors or not. The plan is to start in Iceland and then ferry to Mainland Europe. The Europe trip is going to be very different from the USA trip. I won't be going for a Guinness World Record, so I'll be able to travel the way I want, VERY SLOWLY. I'm going to take my sweet time in Europe, most likely spending 2-3 months in every country I visit. Immersing myself in the culture, and hoping to meet heaps of people.

If anyone has any questions, drop a comment below and I will answer. Thank you again for the ongoing support. Love you all.