September 12

Alrighty everyone, it's Tuesday, September 12th, and today is the day I slowly make my way towards Columbus, Ohio. Like I said before, I'm gonna ride at a leisurely pace the whole way there and the whole way back. I don't ever want to feel rushed, like times on the big Guinness World Record trip. Just going to ride about 100-150 miles most days. Today, I'm only riding 50 miles to Northfield, MN. Hopefully the weather is good to me most of the trip. I HATE RAIN.

It feels good to have the backpack back on the scooter, feels a little weird though, since I haven't been riding with it for the past few weeks, but if I can go around the USA with it on there, I can make it Ohio and back. I'm really excited for the AIMExpo, there are going to be so many people and companies in the industry there to meet. I'm beyond excited! I'll try to keep everyone posted on the daily, but I'm sure I'll be camping some nights without service. Again, everyone, thank you for your ongoing support of me and Scooter McGavin. Love you.