Amish country

Made it to La Crosse yesterday, absolutely perfect riding weather right now. The leaves are slowly starting to turn, I hope when I go through the U.P. they'll be in full color bloom. That would be awesome. So, last night when I was eating dinner and about to head to my campground, I get a message from a guy who follows me named, Ron. He asks me where I'm staying for the night, and I tell him that "I'm camping for the night." He said "no way you are, I'm getting you a motel." I politely decline his offering, but he tells me that's he not taking no for an answer. So, I accepted and slept in a motel last night. Even though I was looking forward to camping, I wasn't going to refuse after he was so adamant about it. Thank you so much, Ron!! You're the man.

Today, I'm heading to Dubuque, Iowa. I feel today's ride is gonna be great, the road I'm taking goes right along the Mississippi River. Hopefully the eagles and other wildlife will be out. Have a great day everyone.