Yesterday afternoon, I made it to Dubuque, Iowa. I rode along Iowa's Great River Road from La Crosse into Dubuque. The ride was incredible, very scenic views the whole way. Bluffs of the Mississippi River, to farmlands of Iowa, a truly epic ride. I encourage everyone to drive/ride that stretch of road, you will not regret it.

Dubuque holds a special place in my heart because of one person. This person is a man named, Jack. I met Jack back in April during my last scooter trip. He accepted my request on Couchsurfing, and if you remember my past posts, he showed me two incredible days while I was here. He brought me to a film festival and graciously introduced me to everyone he knew (he knows everyone). Jack is not just a host, he is one of my friends, and probably the most genuine persons I know.

This time around, Jack brought me as a guest to his Shooting Society Club. There we watched his colleagues trap shoot, which was super cool. The Who's who is a part of this society. All the gentlemen I met were very nice and intrigued about my way of traveling. After the shooting we all enjoyed drinks and a huge dinner.

A little sad to leave Dubuque today, because I only got to stay a day, but before the Europe trip, I plan on coming back to spend a few more days. Thank you, Jack. For being an incredible person, it's an honor and a privilege to be one of your friends.

Today, I head east into Illinois. I'm getting spoiled with the weather. Hopefully it continues to be like this for the entirety of the trip. Talk later everyone!