What an amazing 4 days it's been in Columbus, Ohio, at the AIMExpo. I seriously was like a kid in a candy store, there was so much to see and so many cool products to check out. I networked like crazy, so hopefully something will turn out good for me. Even if I don't get sponsorship, I am still going to Europe on a 50cc scooter. This weekend motivated me even more about chasing my goals and dreams, there were a lot of inspirational people that I look up to a lot.

Longhaulpaul, keep pushing brother, you're not only an inspiration to me, but you're an inspiration to a lot of people in this world. I know you will hit that Million Mile mark, without question. Offer is still on the table if you decide to ride around Europe. Safe travels.

I need to also shout out to a couple of other guys who inspire me. Suburban Delinquent, The Kleb, 6Foot4Honda Motovlogs, thank you guys so much everything you guys have done for me. I owe you guys so much more than you think. You guys are go getters and I seriously would be a happy man if one day I'll get to half of the level you guys are on. Thanks for showing me a good time and letting me tag along. You guys seriously showed your "fans" a great time this weekend, you three are true inspirations in the motorcycle world, keep on keeping on, brothers.

Tomorrow, I leave Columbus for Minnesota. Again, going to leisurely ride back. Stopping in Sidney first to see friends, and then head north to Michigan. If anyone is on the way, let me know, let's grab some coffee or food.

Also, thank you to the people who came to the expo to meet me. I was at a loss for words that people actually wanted to meet little ol me. I really appreciate you and all of your kind words.

I love you all! I'm seriously going to scoot the WORLD!!