Look who I ran into today! None other than the Moped Cowboy himself. If you can remember a few months back, I met Howard while I was passing through Indiana. He was on business in Warsaw and he invited me to meet up with him and stay with him a night. I was so glad I accepted the invitation to meet him. Howard set the original World Record for longest journey on a 50cc. Howard rode his moped 3,604 miles in 1980 from Grand Rapids to Texas.

Howard again invited me to stay with him a night while I was passing through Grand Rapids, Michigan, his hometown. Him and his wife Marcia gave me a tour of the city and took me to an HUGE art festival in town. I'm so fortunate for them showing me spectacular hospitality. Howard even surprised me with a Moped Cowboy hat, Moped Cowboy comic book, and also a poem book he wrote. So awesome. Funny enough, he also gave the toothbrush, toothpaste, and bar soap that I had left in the hotel those few months back. I can't believe he saved those. Haha.

Tomorrow, I'm gonna head to Traverse City to hang out with a couple of scooter maniacs for the night, then head to the U.P on Sunday. Hopefully I'll get some good weather, and not catch any rain. I have been so fortunate for the weather this whole trip. Only one getting sprinkled on and that was only for 5 minutes. Let's hope it continues! Talk later everyone! Love you.