Tunnel of Trees

Left Traverse City yesterday and headed towards Northern Michigan. I was lucky enough to get escorted 25 miles by Brian. I went through the Tunnel of Trees, and seriously, it was probably the best road/ride I've ever been on. 20 miles of pure beauty. I recommend that ride to anyone and everyone, car or bike. After that, I made it Mackinac City. I sized up the HUGE Mackinac Bridge into the UP. Doesn't look too bad. Just hoping for some calm wind. So, we'll see where I end up today! Check ya later.



Yesterday, I left Grand Rapids to Traverse City. A few towns before TC, I met up with some scooter riders, Brian, and Taylor. Such wonderful dudes, they took me on a scenic route to Lake Michigan. Pretty views most of the way. We stopped at Sleeping Bear Dunes, but with not much time on our hands we only stayed for a bit and headed to get some Burgers at Art's Tavern in Glen Arbor. Brian invited me to stay with him and his family for the night, and this morning we are going to go over some points of interest on the way to the UP and also in the UP. Super lucky to have a guy who grew up here to show me the spots to see. Should be some epic sights and some epic riding in the next few days. Talk later everyone. Oh yeah... yesterday I hit 15,000 miles on the scoot. That's 15,000 miles ridden in 6 months time... on a 50cc.



Look who I ran into today! None other than the Moped Cowboy himself. If you can remember a few months back, I met Howard while I was passing through Indiana. He was on business in Warsaw and he invited me to meet up with him and stay with him a night. I was so glad I accepted the invitation to meet him. Howard set the original World Record for longest journey on a 50cc. Howard rode his moped 3,604 miles in 1980 from Grand Rapids to Texas.

Howard again invited me to stay with him a night while I was passing through Grand Rapids, Michigan, his hometown. Him and his wife Marcia gave me a tour of the city and took me to an HUGE art festival in town. I'm so fortunate for them showing me spectacular hospitality. Howard even surprised me with a Moped Cowboy hat, Moped Cowboy comic book, and also a poem book he wrote. So awesome. Funny enough, he also gave the toothbrush, toothpaste, and bar soap that I had left in the hotel those few months back. I can't believe he saved those. Haha.

Tomorrow, I'm gonna head to Traverse City to hang out with a couple of scooter maniacs for the night, then head to the U.P on Sunday. Hopefully I'll get some good weather, and not catch any rain. I have been so fortunate for the weather this whole trip. Only one getting sprinkled on and that was only for 5 minutes. Let's hope it continues! Talk later everyone! Love you.



Crazy how things work out in life. Yesterday, I was heading to Lansing, everything was going great. The weather was perfect, not a lot of traffic on the back roads, and the scenery was good. I stopped to get coffee at about 2pm in Saline, Michigan. After the coffee, I go out to Scooter McGavin and he won't start. Nothing. Dead. No panic, just go over some steps to diagnose the problem. Most likely battery. I take the battery out and walk about a half a block to a car shop to test it. They test it, and tell me the battery is fine. Okay, sounds good. I go back to the scooter and hook it up, and try to start it. Same thing, dead. Hmm. I try to kick start the crap out of it, nothing. It's trying, but nothing. I kick start it with the throttle open and bam, it starts. Nice! Well, not really all that nice, the blinkers won't work. All of the other lights work, but not the blinkers. I tell myself "you're an idiot, should have checked the fuse." I check the fuse and yup, I blew the fuse. Weird. So I put it back and kick start it to go to the auto parts store. Make it to the auto parts store fine, walk in and get some fuses and walk out. I replace the fuse, and it starts right up... but then pop, I blew the new fuse. So now I'm thinking there must be a wire touching the frame of something. I look on my map to where there are some scooter shops around the area. First thing that pops up is Cafe Racer in Ypsilanti. Only about 10 miles away. Without blinkers I drive to Cafe Racer. I meet the owners John and Melissa, I tell them about what's going on and a little about my travels. They told me to wheel the bike around back and they'll see what's going on with it. So I wheel it around back and meet a mechanic named Ed. I tell Ed what's going on with it, and he starts to try to figure out what's going on. He testing the wires and nothing is wrong with them. He puts a new fuse in and it starts right up. Blinkers and everything working. Weird. I tell him and John that I'm sorry for wasting their time and pull out of the garage and head down the alley. Right as I'm about to pull off into the street, I hear a "waaaait", I look back and John is running at me. He said he seen some flickering in my brake light. I try the blinker and nothing. What the heck is going on? It's gotta be a wire touching the frame. So, as it was about closing time for the shop, John says to me "we have a lot of room at my house, you're staying with me. We'll look at the bike tomorrow." Wow! Thank you thank you! So they close the shop down, I throw my bag into his truck and me, John, and Melissa head to their home. At their house we enjoyed some good beer by the fire and some amazing food that Melissa had made. This morning we head to the shop and open it. Ed is now trying to figure out what's going on, John tells me "let's go for a ride." He gives me keys to a scoot, and he gives me a tour of Ypsilanti, and of The University Of Michigan campus in Ann Arbor. The campus is huge, and very nice. We head back to the shop and McGavin is working perfectly. I ask Ed what was up with it. He told me he moved some wires around, but he couldn't figure out what was going on. So when moving the wires around he must've did something right, because McGavin is in tip top shape. I tell everyone there thank you, and I'm so glad that my scooter broke down, cause if I didn't break down, I would have never met them.

This is why I said crazy how things work out. I feel that I broke down so I could meet John and Melissa, I truly believe we met under these circumstances for a reason. I don't know the reason, but there's a reason. I am truly a blessed person and am so grateful. Thank you John and Melissa for everything. You two are incredible people.

Today, I'm making a short drive to Lansing to stay with someone who follows my adventures on Facebook. He reached out to me and told me I could crash on his couch no problem. Tomorrow, is Grand Rapids to hang out with the Moped Cowboy, and then Saturday I'll be in Traverse City to hang out with a couple more scooter riders. Michigan is looking like it's going to be one of my favorite states. Love you all. Talk later. SORRY FOR THE LONG POST. GOING TO START A VIDEO VLOG SOON.

If you live in the Ann Arbor area and need your scooter of motorcycle worked on, go to Cafe Racer. I'm telling you that you will not be disappointed in their service.



What an amazing 4 days it's been in Columbus, Ohio, at the AIMExpo. I seriously was like a kid in a candy store, there was so much to see and so many cool products to check out. I networked like crazy, so hopefully something will turn out good for me. Even if I don't get sponsorship, I am still going to Europe on a 50cc scooter. This weekend motivated me even more about chasing my goals and dreams, there were a lot of inspirational people that I look up to a lot.

Longhaulpaul, keep pushing brother, you're not only an inspiration to me, but you're an inspiration to a lot of people in this world. I know you will hit that Million Mile mark, without question. Offer is still on the table if you decide to ride around Europe. Safe travels.

I need to also shout out to a couple of other guys who inspire me. Suburban Delinquent, The Kleb, 6Foot4Honda Motovlogs, thank you guys so much everything you guys have done for me. I owe you guys so much more than you think. You guys are go getters and I seriously would be a happy man if one day I'll get to half of the level you guys are on. Thanks for showing me a good time and letting me tag along. You guys seriously showed your "fans" a great time this weekend, you three are true inspirations in the motorcycle world, keep on keeping on, brothers.

Tomorrow, I leave Columbus for Minnesota. Again, going to leisurely ride back. Stopping in Sidney first to see friends, and then head north to Michigan. If anyone is on the way, let me know, let's grab some coffee or food.

Also, thank you to the people who came to the expo to meet me. I was at a loss for words that people actually wanted to meet little ol me. I really appreciate you and all of your kind words.

I love you all! I'm seriously going to scoot the WORLD!!



Made it to the AIMExpo this afternoon, and WOW! They sure know how to put on a show. I feel like a kid in a candy store here. I wanted to mention someone I met today, his name is Paul Pelland aka Longhaulpaul. Paul was diagnosed with MS in 2005, and has been battling ever since. For the last five years, Paul has ridden his motorcycle over 250,000 miles around the United States and Canada to help raise money for a cure for his disease. He has already raised $100,000 on his incredible journey. This guy is an amazing human being. It would mean a lot to me if you would follow him on his journey to a million miles.

His journey is an inspiration for any audience, he empowers and encourages others with or without challenges in life to find ways to follow their dreams  and passion. Way to go Paul. So glad I met you.

Facebook: @longhaulpaul

Instagram: @longhaulpaul

Website: longhaulpaul.com

Gonna be a great weekend. Love you all.



Yesterday afternoon, I made it to Dubuque, Iowa. I rode along Iowa's Great River Road from La Crosse into Dubuque. The ride was incredible, very scenic views the whole way. Bluffs of the Mississippi River, to farmlands of Iowa, a truly epic ride. I encourage everyone to drive/ride that stretch of road, you will not regret it.

Dubuque holds a special place in my heart because of one person. This person is a man named, Jack. I met Jack back in April during my last scooter trip. He accepted my request on Couchsurfing, and if you remember my past posts, he showed me two incredible days while I was here. He brought me to a film festival and graciously introduced me to everyone he knew (he knows everyone). Jack is not just a host, he is one of my friends, and probably the most genuine persons I know.

This time around, Jack brought me as a guest to his Shooting Society Club. There we watched his colleagues trap shoot, which was super cool. The Who's who is a part of this society. All the gentlemen I met were very nice and intrigued about my way of traveling. After the shooting we all enjoyed drinks and a huge dinner.

A little sad to leave Dubuque today, because I only got to stay a day, but before the Europe trip, I plan on coming back to spend a few more days. Thank you, Jack. For being an incredible person, it's an honor and a privilege to be one of your friends.

Today, I head east into Illinois. I'm getting spoiled with the weather. Hopefully it continues to be like this for the entirety of the trip. Talk later everyone!


Amish country

Made it to La Crosse yesterday, absolutely perfect riding weather right now. The leaves are slowly starting to turn, I hope when I go through the U.P. they'll be in full color bloom. That would be awesome. So, last night when I was eating dinner and about to head to my campground, I get a message from a guy who follows me named, Ron. He asks me where I'm staying for the night, and I tell him that "I'm camping for the night." He said "no way you are, I'm getting you a motel." I politely decline his offering, but he tells me that's he not taking no for an answer. So, I accepted and slept in a motel last night. Even though I was looking forward to camping, I wasn't going to refuse after he was so adamant about it. Thank you so much, Ron!! You're the man.

Today, I'm heading to Dubuque, Iowa. I feel today's ride is gonna be great, the road I'm taking goes right along the Mississippi River. Hopefully the eagles and other wildlife will be out. Have a great day everyone.



Wow, feels good to be on the road again, there's no other feeling like being open throttle (35mph lol) and the wind blowing in your face. I feel the happiest when I'm just slowly riding down these back roads with no worries in the world. I want to do this kind of traveling for a long time, I think. It creates so much satisfaction, I can't even explain it.

Today, I'm heading to the La Crosse area, and I've already had a Couchsurfing host bail on me, no worries in the world though, it looks like there's a lot of camping opportunities in the area. I can't help but have a smile across my face on this entire ride. I love and live for this. I will scoot the world. Love you guys.


September 12

Alrighty everyone, it's Tuesday, September 12th, and today is the day I slowly make my way towards Columbus, Ohio. Like I said before, I'm gonna ride at a leisurely pace the whole way there and the whole way back. I don't ever want to feel rushed, like times on the big Guinness World Record trip. Just going to ride about 100-150 miles most days. Today, I'm only riding 50 miles to Northfield, MN. Hopefully the weather is good to me most of the trip. I HATE RAIN.

It feels good to have the backpack back on the scooter, feels a little weird though, since I haven't been riding with it for the past few weeks, but if I can go around the USA with it on there, I can make it Ohio and back. I'm really excited for the AIMExpo, there are going to be so many people and companies in the industry there to meet. I'm beyond excited! I'll try to keep everyone posted on the daily, but I'm sure I'll be camping some nights without service. Again, everyone, thank you for your ongoing support of me and Scooter McGavin. Love you.