World Record Route


Lake Street Bridge.

Right on Lexington.

Left on Summit.

Right on Smith.

Right on Butler.

Quick Left on Delaware.

Stay Straight onto Argenta Trl.

Left on Argenta Trl.

Left on 82nd st.

Left on Blaine.

Left on 280th st.

Stay Straight onto Rochester BLVD.

Stay Straight onto 4th St.

Left on County 25 BLVD.

Stay Straight onto County 56 BLVD.

Left on 390th St.

Right on 180th ave.

Left at the T on 410th St.

Quick Right County 6 BLVD.

Right on N Main St.

Left on 180th St.

Left County 11 BLVD.

Right at T Country RD 11.

Right on 8th St.

Left on County RD 3 NW.

Left on 100th St. NW.

Right on 18th Ave.

Left on 37th St.

Left on Collegeview.

Right on Co Rd 10.

After the bend Quick Left on Co Rd 30.

Quick Left again on 60th St.

Right on Co Rd 180.

Left on 190th Ave SE.

Right on 190th Ave SE.

Left on 118th St SE.

Right at the T. 11.

Left at 277th Ave.

Left at 8.

Right at 17.

Stay Straight onto Ridge Rd/17.

Left at 16.

Right at 295th Ave.

Left at 22.

Follow Left onto 22/146th St.

Left on 23.

Quick Right on 385th Ave.

Left on 120th St.

Right on 411th Ave.

Right on State Line.

Quick Left on Prairie Spring Rd.

Left on Silent Brook.

Quick Right on 218th Ave.

Left at 337th St.

Right at Wind Rd.

Left at Colonel Taylor.

Right at Middle Hesper.

Right on Lotus.

Left on College Dr.

Go south on Mechanic St.

Left on Division St.

Left on Middle Ossain Rd.

Follow Right  on Middle Ossain Rd.

Left on Haugen Hill.

Left on Stone Hill.

Right on Valdres.

Right on Centennial.

Follow Centennial.

Left on 150th St.

Right on 130th Ave.

RIght on 310th St.

Left on Deerfield.

Follow Deerfield into Clermont.

Take Canoe Rd South.

Right on Mill St/Acorn Rd.

Right on Bush Rd.

Left on B ave.

Left on 110th St.

Right on Buchanon Delaware.

Left on 210th St.

Left on 2nd Ave.

Right on Wuchter Rd.

Left on Olde Castle Rd.

Right on Farley Rd.

Follow onto Atichison.

Right on 1st Ave.

Left on Butterfield.

Left on Richland.

Right on Temple Hill Rd.

Again Right on Temple Hill Rd.

Again Right on Temple Hill Rd.

Left on 152nd St.

Right on E17/150th St.

Right on 62.

Left on E17/150th St.

Right on 435th Ave.

Left on 33rd St.

Right on 500th Ave.

Left on 140th St/E50

Right on 432nd Ave. Follow the winding Rd.

Left on Main St/136.

Right on 2nd St.

Left on 19th Ave/136.

Right on Chase Rd.

Left on Holly Rd.

Right on Sand Rd.

Right  on Moline Rd.

Left on Main St.

Right on Jackson St.

Follow Left to 83rd Ave/Hurd.

Right on Chase Rd.

Left on Ebenezer Rd.

Right on 1550th St.

Left on 1550th St.

Right on Grange Rd.

Straight on Ulah.

Left on 700th Ave.

Right  on 1550th St.

Left on 570th St.

Left on E 2100th St.

Right on 4.

Right on 2350th St.

Left on 17.

Right on 22/Orwig.

Right on 600 N.

Quick Left on 100 E.

Left on 300 N.

Right on 10/1050 E Rd.

Left on 150 N Rd.

Follow Right on 150 N Quick Left on 100 N.

Right on La Prarie Rd.

Left on County Line Rd.

Follow Right on N Blue Ridge Rd.

Right on N Hampton Rd. Quick Left on 16.

Right on 32.

Left on N Old Galen Rd.

Right on E Cedar Hills/Dunlap E.

Left on Allen Rd.

Left on W Northmoore.

Right on University.

Right on W Glenn Ave.

Follow Left on Sterling Ave.

Right on W Farmington. Keep Left.

Left on N Kickapoo Creek.

Right on Airport Rd.

Left on Tuscarora.

Left on Lamarsh/S Cameron Ln. Follow Winding Road.

Right on Margaret over the Bridge!

Left on Broadway.

Right on Dee Mac.

Left on Fast Ave.

Left on Lily Rd. Quick Right on Runyon.

Left on West. Quick Right on North.

Right on Towandale.

Left on Fort Jesse

Left on Co Rd 300 E.

Right on Co Rd 200 N.

Right on N 600 E.

Left on Co Rd 200 N.

Left on 1.

Right on W MainSt.

Right on Co Rd 2400.

Left on S 500 W.

Right on W 300.

Left on Morehouse Rd.

Right on W 1250.

Right on S 300.

Left on E 1300.

Right W Bicycle Bridge.

Right on Hamilton St.

Left on Amory Rd.

Right on N 175 W.

RIght on W 300.

Left on E 300.

Right on 29.

Left on E 250 N.

Left on S Co Rd 200 E.

Right on E Co Rd 900.

Right on S Co Rd 1000.

Left on E Co Rd 950.

Right on S 500.

Left on W 1000.

Left on S 400.

Right on W 900.

Left on S 300.

Right on 218.

Left on 19.

Right on 700. Follow Right Follow Right.

Left on Co Rd 800

Right on Co Rd 525.

Left on W 500.

Right on N Largo.

Left on Co Rd 450.

Right on N 1100

Left on E 300.

Right on N 1200. Quick Left on W 1000.

Right on 116.

Left on 116/1050 W

Left on Indiana Ohio State Line.

Right on Oregon Rd.

Left on Rice Rd.

Right on Bogart Rd.

Left on 61.

Right on 200.

Left on 71.

Right on 197.

Follow the Curve onto Buckland.

Right on 191.

Left on 180

Left on 117.

Right on 186.

Right on 235.

Left on 195.

Right on Johnson. Quick Left on 150.

Left on 75.

Right on 130.

RIght on 115.

Left on 130.

Left on 175.

Right on 67. Quick Right on 120.

Right on 245.

Left on 126.

Left on Larue,

Right on 27.

Left on 31. Follow Right on 27.

Right on 4.

Left on 195.

Follow Right. Quick Left on 114.

Left on Harding Hwy.

Right on 184.

Left on 10.

Right on 9.

Left on 29/W Point-Bellville.

Left on 50.

Right on 57.

Left on Kings Corner.

Left on 340.

Left on State Rte.

Right on Kochheiser.

Right on 343.

Left on Rule.

Left on 34/Alexander.

Right on Scott Rd.

Right on 302.

Left on 438/Bromfield.

Right on Pleasant Valley.

Left on 603.

Right on 366/96.

Right on Wentz.

Left on 2786.

Left on 95.

Right on 2704.

Left on 775.

Right on 2654.

Right on 687.

Left on 2774.

Left on 60.

Right on 2575.

Follow the FORK to the Right.

Left on 37.

Right on 290.

Left on 320.

Right on 224.

Left on 149.

Quick Right on 36.

Right on 280.

Left on 249.

Right on 34.

Right on 76.

Left on 76/E Moreland Rd.

Left on 179/Kansas.

Right on Dover/HWY 250.

Quick Left on 217.

Right on 217. Left on 217.

Left on Massilion/241.

Right on Elton/321.

Follow Left on 252/Fohl.

Left on Dueber Ave. Quick Right on 53rd St.

Left on 252.

Left on 253/Ridge.

Right on Baum.

Left on Baum.

Right on Waynesburg.

Left on 166/Westfail.

Left on 44.

Right on Hill Church.

Right on Hein.

Left on Michelle.

Right on 222.

Left on 229.

Right on 230.

Right on 10/Andora. Quick Left on 257.

Left on 257/Marble Rd.

Left on 644. Quick Right on 842.

Left on Foundry. Quick Right on 407/Gavers. Quick left on 867.

Right on 756.

Left on 869.

Left on 764.

Right on 2102/Bittner.

Left on 164.

Right on Maple.

Left on N Market.

Right on Lee.

Right on 894/Churchill.

Left on 794.

Right on 894.

Left on 894.

Right on 796.

1st Left.

Left on 889.

Left on 154.

Left on Old State.

Left on 890.

Left on 7.

Right on 558

Right on 558 Again.

Right on Palestine.

Right on Constitutional BLVD.

Left on Darlington Rd.

Continue Straight on 2nd St/168.

Right on Ashwood Rd.

Left on Ashwood Rd.

Left on Ridgemont Dr.

Right on Foxwood Rd.

Left on Norwood Dr.

Stay Right on Westgate Dr.

Stay Straight on 351.

Right on 4th St.

Left on Crescent Ave.

Right on 65.

Left at Greenwood Rd.

Left at Lancaster Rd.

Stay Straight on Shingle Hollow.

Left at T381.

Right at Pleasant Hill.

Left at Bhame Ln.

Right at Hufnagle Rd.

Right at T336/Bauder School.

Left at Pfeifer Rd.

Right at Stanford Rd.

Left at Regan Rd.

Stay Left at T362.

Left at Kennedy Rd.

Right at Wilson Rd.

Left at Unionville Rd/T397.

Left at 308.

Quick Right at Mahood Rd.

Left at Mack/Gilbert/T502.

Right at Gilbert Rd.

Left at Gilbert Rd.

Right at Hooker Rd.

Left at Hooker Rd/T712.

Right at T712.

Follow Left at T712.

Left on Main/268.

Right on Main Hill Rd.

Left at Millers Eddy.

Left at Claypoole.

Right on Knox Rd.

Right on Gibson Rd.

Left on Knox Rd.

Right on Washington St.

Right on 368.

Left at Lime Plant Rd/T871.

Left at Concord Church/T872.

Left at Peters Flat/T346.

Right at T380/Spring Rd.

Left at T368/Stephens Rd.

Left at Reichart Rd.

Left at Callensburg Rd.

Left at Canoe Ripple.

Left at T841.

Right at Piney Dam.

Second Left.

Right at T950.

Right at 68.

Left at 1009/Stoney Lonesome Rd.

Left at Hartman Rd. Stay Right.

Left at Greenville. Quick Right on Stone House Rd.

Right on Washington St.

Left at Fisher Rd. Stay Right.

Left at 949.

Right at T359.

Right at T482. Stay Left.

Right at T486.

Left at Richard St.

Right at Game School/1010.

Left after 28.

Right at Horizon Dr/T564.

Right at Calhoun Rd.

Left at Arch St.

Second Right.

Left on Westville Rd.

Left on 219. First Right on Rattlesnake Rd.

RIght on Sipie Rd/Lake Rd.

Left on Mountain Rd. Follow Left.

Right on Munn Rd. Follow the Curves.

RIght on State Park/153. Quick Left on Mud Run.

RIght on Fairview Rd.

Right on Tyler Rd.

Left on Mcgregor Rd. Quick Right on Wallace Mine.

Continue on Caledonia/T873.

Left on Thirty 06 Rd. First Right on Caledonia Pike.

Left at 879. Follow RIght on Rolling Stone.

Left at 53. First Right at 2037/Wilburne.

Left at 2037.

RIght at 4009.

Stay Left at Casanova.

RIght at Sixmile Rd.

Left on 504/Black Moshannon.

RIght on Beaver Rd.

Left at Ulrich Rd/T345/

RIght at 3030/Dix Run.

Left at Baney Rd.

RIght on Rattlesnake. First Left on T345.

Left on Bush Hollow.

Left on 144.

Right on Thomas Hill.

Left on Yarnell.

Right on Little Marsh Cr.

Left on Ridge Crest. Quick Right on Thomas.

Left on Main St.

RIght on Eagleville Rd.

Left on T477/Railroad St.

RIght on Pine St.

Right on 64.

Left on Cherry Run.

RIght on Narrows.

RIght on 880.

First Left on W Winter Rd.

Left on Barner Ln.

Right on McCall Dam.

Left on Breon Rd.

Left on Garden Hollow.

Right on T692/White Deer.

Right on Plum Alley.

Left at Vincent Ave.

Right on 8th St.

RIght on Susquehanna/1007.

First Left on 1006.

Follow Left on 1006/Rovendale Dr.

Left on Paradise Rd.

Right on 44.

Follow Straight on 1012.

RIght on Gearhart Rd.

Left on Betz Rd.

Right on Waitmyer Rd.

Left on Preserve Rd.

Left on Valley Rd.

Left on 254/Washingtonville.

Right at 642. Quick Left on Eyersgrove/4018.

RIght on Tunnel Rd.

Left at 4016/Black Run.

First Right on Lyons Rd.

Right on Christy Hill.

Right on 4007.

First Left on 4014.

Follow Left to T519. Continue Straight.

Right on Millerstown/Logging Rd.

Left on English Hill.

Right on Whites Church.

Left on Back Branch.

Right on Main St. Quick Left on Easy St.

Right at 93.

Left at West Front.

Right on 93.

Left on St Johns.

Left again on St Johns.

Right on Mill Mountains/356.

Left on West Butler.

Stay Straight over 309.

Right on Sandy Run. Stay Right.

Left on Sandy Run.

Right on Anthonys Run.

RIght on 534.

Left on Dorshimer.

Right on Merwinsburg.

Left on Effort Neola.

Follow Right on Kennel.

Left on Kennel Rd.

Right on Micilhaney Rd.

Continue Straight on 115.

Left on Alpha Rd.

Left at 512.

Left at Bill Scott/512.

Left at 611.

Right on Warrington Rd.

Left at Vail Rd.

Right at Kill Rd.

Left at Mt Hermon.

Quick Right on Sandhill Rd.

Left on Cedar Lake.

Left on 94.

First Right on Stillwater Rd.

Left on Stillwater Rd.

Right on 521.

Right on Newton Swartswood.

Right on Mill St.

Right on Madison St. Quick Left on Sparta Ave.

Right on 181.

Left on Main St.

Right on Glen Rd.

Left on Berkshire Valley/Oak Ridge.

Right on 23.

Right on Green Pond/513.

Left on Upper Hibernia.

Right on Upper Hibernia.

Left on Split Rock.

Left on Rockaway Valley.

Left on Shawnee Trail.

First Right on MacLeay.

Left on Virginia Rd.

Right on Vista Rd.

Left on Old Ln.

Left on Waughaw Rd.

Right on Indian Rd.

Left on Jacksonville Rd.

Right on Beaverbrook Rd.

Left on Park Ave. Quick Right on Chapel Hill.

Left on Fairfield Rd.

Right on Demerest Dr.

Left at Westbelt Pk.

Left at Riverview Dr.

Right on Valley Rd.

Right on Preakness Ave.

Left on Chamberlain Ave.

Right on West Broadway.

Left on Broadway.

Right on Boulevard.

Left on Market St.

Left on Main St.

Right on Cedar/Anderson.

Right on Teaneck Rd.

Left on Degraw Ave.

Right on Lemoine Ave.

Left on JKF Blvd.

Left at 15th St.

Right on 679 after Washington.

Right on 681.

Left on Main Blvd.

Right on Grand St.

Left on Garfield Ave.

Left on Bayview Ave.




Might have to walk scooter over bridge. Maybe Ferry?


GPS to Tropical Delight


South on Madison.

Left on Main St.

Right on Passaic Ave.

Left on Kingsland St/7.

Right on Washington Ave.

Right on Park Ave.

Left on 1st St.

Right on S Orange Ave.

Left on Stuyvesant Ave.

Right on Mill Rd.

Left on Stuyvesant Ave.

Left on Chestnut St.

Right on Westfield Ave.

Right on Roosevelt Ave..

Left on E/W Front St.

Left on Finderne Ave.

Slight Left on S Main St.

Left on Amwell Rd.

Right on Canal Rd.

Right on 27.

Slight Left on Mercer St.

Right on Franklin Corner Rd.

Right on Laweranceville Pennington.

Left on Blackwell Rd. Stay Straight on the Roundabout.

Follow 532.

Right on Bridgetown Pike.

Slight Right on SR1001/Verree.

Right on 73.

Left on New 2nd St.

Right on Oak Lake.

Right on Cheltenham Ave.

Left on N 5th St.

Right on W Hunting Park Ave.

Left on 6th St.

Right on Walnut St.

Right on S 48th St.

Left on Haverford Ave.

Left on S Bryn Mawr.

Right on Darby Paoli Rd.

Left on Sugartown Rd.

Right on Sugartown Rd.

Left on Devon Rd,

Right on N High St.

Left on W Ashbridge St.

Right on N New St.

Right on N New St.

Left on Sunset Hollow.

Right on Copeland School.

Left on Harmony Hill.

Left on Harmony Hill again.

Left on Glenside Rd.

Quick Right Shadyside Rd.

Right on Starsburg Rd.

Left on Limestone Rd.

Right on 372.

Left on Main St.

Right on Steelville Mill.

Right on T455. Quick Left on S2009.

Right on Georgetown Rd. Quick Left on T389/Dry Wells.

Left on Dry Wells.

Right on 222. Quick Left on Scotland Rd.

Left on Church Rd.

Right on Spring Valley Rd.

Right on River Rd.

Left on 372.

Left on 74/Delta Rd.

Right on 74.

Follow 165.

Right on Long Green Pike.

Right on 147.

Right on E 25th St.

Left on N Howard St.

Right on W Preston St.

Right on Harlem Ave.

Left on N Carey St.

Right on W Baltimore St.

Left on S Catherine St.

Right on Frederick Rd/Ave.

Left on Old Colombia Pike.

Left on Montgomery Rd.

Right on Waterloo Rd.

Right on 108.

Left on 650/New Hampshire Ave.

Right on Columbia Rd.

Left on 16th St NW.

Right on Massachusetts Ave.

Left on New Hampshire Ave.

Right on Pennsylvania Ave.

Left on M St.

Left on Canal Rd.

Left on Chain Bridge.

Straight on Williamsburg Blvd.

Right on Williamsburg Blvd.

Left on Woodley Pl.

Right on Hummer Rd.

Right on Reavensworth Rd.

Right on 620/Braddock Rd.

Left on 645.

Left on 612.

Right on 612.

Right on 294.

Left on Freedom Center Blvd.

Right on University Blvd.

Left on Hornbaker Rd.

Right on Nokesville Rd.

Left on 655.

Right on 656.

Left on N Franklin St.

Left on Main St/651.

Right on 620.

Left on 620. Left on 620. Left on 620. Left on 620.

Left on 610.

Follow 610.

Right on 612/Catharpin Rd.

Left on Brock/613. Quick Right 612.

Left on 612/Pamunkey Rd.

Left on Post Oak Rd.

Right on 650.

Left on Margo Rd.

Right on Brokenburg Rd.

Right on 208/Old Courthouse Rd.

Left on Lewiston Rd.

Right on 601.

Right on 601/Attit Rd.

Right on 701.

Left on 652.

Right on 601.

Left on 618.

Right on 701.

Left on 655.

Right on 33/Jefferson Hwy.

Left on 601. Follow Left on 601.

Right after Oak Ridge.

Left on 619.

Right on 700.

Right on 250.

Left on 609.

Left on 606.

Left on 606/Haydensville.

Right on 6. Quick Left on 45.

Right on 45/Cartersville Rd.

Right on 13/Old Buckingham Rd.

Left on 643.

Left on 600/Stoney Pt.

Follow Straight on 620.

Right on 621/Reed Rock Rd.

Right on 616/S Genito Rd.

Left on 307/Holly Farms.

Right on 628.

Right on 2nd St.

Left on 624.

Right at fork 614.

Right on 723.

Right on 49.

Left on Mecklenburg Dr.

Right on 661.

Quick Left on 635.

Left on 643.

Follow Right on 635.

Right on 47.

Left on 669.

Left on 616.

Right on 711.

Right on 712.

Left on 714.

Right on 1210. Right on 1210.

Right on RTE 1.

First Left on Ridgeway Warrenton.

Left on Ridgeway Warrenton.

Right on Snow Hill Rd.

Right on 1118.

Left on 1116.

Straight on 401.

Left on 1625.

Follow Right 1613/Schocco.

Left on 1620/Lickskillet.

Right on Maj Rob.

Right on 1407.

Straight on Person Rd.

Left on Duke Valentine.

Left on 561. Quick Right on 1002.

Right on Hickory Rock.

Left on Strange Rd.

Straight on 581.

First Right on Mort Harris Rd/1001.

Follow Sledge.

Left on NC98 HWY.

First Right on Mulberry Rd.

Left on Strickland Rd.

Right on Harris Rd.

Left on Stoney Hill.

Right on Pace Rd.

Left on 1968.

First Right on Old Smithfield.

Left on 1133.

Left on Old Raleigh. Quick Right on High Rd.

Left on Healthy Plains.

Left on Rock Ridge.

Right on 42.

Left on Governor Hunt Rd.

Left on Lloyd Rd/1113.

Right on 301.

First Left on 1658.

Left on Polly Watson.

Right on 1351.

Right on Hook Rd.

Left on Nahunta Rd/1336.

Right on N George St.

Left on W Elm St.

Right on S John St.

Left on Arrington Bridge.

Right on Arrington Bridge.

RIght on Pineview Cemetary.

Left on Summerlin Crossroad.

Right on W Wards Bridge.

Left on Bowdens Rd.

Right on 903.

Left on Brownton Rd.

Right on Doc Brown.

Right on Stocking Head.

Left on Wells Town.

Right on 1101. Quick Left on Butterball.

Right on Wallace Hwy.

Quick Left on Kenan Loop.

Left on Shaw Rd.

Right on Doctors Creek.

Left on Willard Rd.

Right on Bay Rd.

Right on Englishtown Rd.

Right on 421.

Left on Bulltail Rd.

Left on Indian Hill

Left on Shiloh Rd.

Right on Tuckahoe Rd.

Left on 1201/Beattys Bridge.

Right on 53.

First Left on S Railroad.

Right on 1128.

Left on 1100.

Left on 210.

Right on 210.

Straight on 133.

Right on 117.

Right on 133.

Left on N Kerr Ave.

Right on N Kerr Ave.

Left on Gordon Rd.

Left on Market St.

Right on Marsh Oak.


Start at La Bella Airosa Mexican Restaurant.


North on 133.

Slight Left on 117.

Left on 133.

Continue on 210.

Left on 210.

Left on 11.

Right on Waterline Way.

After the curve, Left on 1808.

Right on 1740/Old Lake Wilmington.

Left on Freeman Rd.

Right on 1801.

Continue Straight on 1801/Blacksmith.

Right on 214.

First Left on 211.

Right on Jupiter Rd.

Right on Egypt Rd.

Follow Left on 1340.

Right on 1340/Exum Rd.

Right on 1335/Myrtle Head.

Right on 1333.

Left on 133/New Britton.

Right on 1006.

Right on 905. Quick Left on 1006.

Right on Will Inman/1006.

Left on Peacock Rd.

Right at State Road S. After Piney Grove Church.

First Left on Perrin Rd.

Left on Red Bluff. First Right on Heritage Rd.

Right on Dows Rd.

Left on Cane Branch.

Right on Adrian Hwy.

Left on 19.

Right on 65.

Left on Johnson Shelly.

Right on Hwy 668.

Left on Long Ave.

Right on Long Ave.

Left on Lakeland Dr.

Left on Hart St. First Right on 9th Ave.

Left on Willow Springs.

Left on State Rd S. 26-24.

Follow State Rd S to the Left.

Right on 701.

Right on 261.

Continue on 513.

Left on County Line Rd/513.

Follow 41 Left at the Fork.

Left on US Route 521.

Right on Railroad Ave.

Right on Carberry St.

Right on 17.

Left on 17/41.

Right on State Rd S 8-48.

First Left State Rd S 8-25.

Right on 402.

Left on 52.

Slight Right on 17.

Right on 6.

3rd Left after TJ’S Pub.

1st Left.

Slight Left on State Rd 8- 787. Follow Right on Whitehouse Rd.

Right on Fish Rd.

Left on 27.

Right on 78.

Left at fork 78.

Left S18-247.

Right on Wire Rd.

Left on Stokes Bridge.

Right State Rd S 15-45.

Left on Pleasant Grove.

Right W Mcleod.

Left on State Rd S. 15-24.

Right on Ruffin Rd.

Left on 21.

Right on Merriel Rd.

Left on 212.

Right on 64.

Left on State Rd S. 15-42.

Left on 601.

Right on State Rd S. 25-261.

First Left on State Rd S. 25-538.

Left on Shellie Rd.

Left on Broad Rd.

Left on Bagger. First Right on Main St.

Right on Thomas Hamilton.

Right on Plantation.

1st Left on Beech Branch.

Left on 3.

Right on Orangeburg Rd.

Left on Augusta Stage.

Right on 119.

Right Clyo Kildare.

Left on 24.

Right on 24.

Left on Burkhalter Rd.

Follow Left on Harville Rd.

Left on 46.

Right on Nevils Grove.

Right on 280.

Left on Sunbury Rd. First Right on 99.

Quick Left Quick Right.

Follow Railroad Ave.

Left on Bull creek Church.

Left on 129. First Right on 81.

Left on 67.

Right on the T. 509.

Right on Blocker Rd/369.

Left on Love Chapell Rd.

Right on Cloverdale Rd/Playland.

Right on 57.

Left on Burkhalter Rd.

Left on 144. Quick Right on Harris Kicklighter.

Right on 314/Ted Kicklighter.

Right on 508.

Left on 169.

Keep Straight onto 121.

Left on D M Tillman.

Right on Fred Carter.

Left on Brentwood Rd.

Left on Tank Rd.

Right on Nesbit Rd.

Left on Holmesville Rd.

Right on Flint Branch Church.

Right on Empire Rd.

Left on Old Screven Rd.

Right on Odum Screven Rd.

Left on Dixie Rd.

Left on Oquinn Church. Quick Right on 9 Run Rd.

Left on Mikell Lake Rd.

Left on Main St/32.

Right on Echols St.

Left on Owens Rd.

Right on Trudie Rd.

Left on Will Rd.

Right on Old River Rd.

Left on Voight Bridge Rd.

Left on Old Hoboken.

Right on Riggins Rd.

Left on 15.

Left on 48/Dewey Rd.

Right on D S Griffen Rd.

Right on CR 79.

Right on Riverside Rd.

Right on Winokur Rd.

Left on El Terrace St.

Right Okefenokee Dr.

Straight on 23.

Left on 94/Moniac Rd.

Left on Crawford Rd.

Right on Ratliff Rd.

Right on Old Kings Rd.

Left on Moncrief Rd.

Right on Myrtle Ave.

Left on 8th St.

Right on Main St.

Left on Riverplace Blvd. Stay Straight on 13 for a while.

Right on County Rd 13.

Left on 214.

Right on 13 A.

Left on CR 13 S.

Right on 207.

Left on 13/S Main St.

Right on 1.

Left on N Old Kings Rd.

Right on Forest Grove Dr.

Follow Left on Old Kings Rd.

Left on Old Dixie Hwy.

Right on 430/Mason Ave.

Left on N Williamson.

Right on Airport Rd/Oakwater.

Left on Pioneer Trail.

Right on Pioneer Trail. After Hammond.

Left on 442.

Right on Needle Palm.

Left on 35th St.

Right on Volco Rd.

Left on Beacon Light.

Left on W Halifax.

Right on 1.

Left on County Line Rd.

Right on Johns Rd. Quick Left on Dixie.

Left on Grant Line. Quick Right Hammock Rd.

Right on Lionel Rd.

Left on Old Dixie Hwy.

Right on Wiley Ave.

Left on Folsom Rd.

Right on N Singleton Ave.

Right on South St/405. Stay Straight.

Right on E Ave SW/Space Commerce Way. Straight for a while.

Left on Banana River.

Right on A1A.

Right on Beachland Blvd.

Left on Indian River Blvd.

Left on 27th Ave.

Left on 614/Indrio Rd.

Right on 713/N Kings Hwy.

Left on 68/Orange Ave.

Right on S Indian River Dr.

Right on SE Walton Rd.

Left on SE Green River Pkwy.

Right on S Colorado Ave/76. Quick Left on A1A.

Left on SE Crossrip St.

Right SE Gomez Ave.

Left on SE Bridge Rd.

Right on S Beach Rd.

Right on 706.

Left on Military Trail.

Right on Green Rd.

Left on 817/N Uni Dr.

Left on 934/E 25th St.

Right on N Miami Ave.

Left on NE 15th St.

Go North on 817.

Right on Wiles Rd.

Left on 845/NW 21st Ave.

Follow Roebuck to the Right.

Left on 809.

Right on 706.

Left on 811/A1A

Left on 707/S Beach Rd.

Left on SE Bridge Rd.

Right on SE Gomez Ave.

Left on SE Crossip St.

Right on A1A/SE Dixie Hwy.

Left on SE 5th St.

Quick Right S Colorado Ave.

Left on S Dixie Hwy.

Right on SE Walton Rd.

Left on S Indian River Dr.

Left on Orange Ave.

Right on 713.

Left on 614.

Right on 607/Emerson Ave.

Right on 4th St.

Follow Indian River BLVD.

Right on Merril P Barber Bridge.

Left on A1A.

Left on Ocean Ave.

Right on Oak St/A1A.

Left on Pine Tree Dr.

Right on S Tropical Trail.

Left on Space Commerce Way.

Left on Nasa Pkwy W.

Continue on Columbia BLVD.

Left on 50/Cheney Hwy.

Right on Hiawassee Rd.

Left on Welch Rd.

Right on Vick Rd.

Left on W Lester Rd.

Right on Plymouth Sorrento Rd.

Right on 46.

Left on 437/Hunter Ave.

Right on 439.

Left on 42.

Right on 19.

Left on 40.

Right on 326.

Right on Old US Hwy 301.

Left on CR E 316.

Right on 162nd Terrace.

Left on NW 165th St.

Right on 335.

Follow Left on NE 75th St.

Right on NE 150th Ave.

Left on SW 134th Ave.

First Right on SW 170th St.

Left on 26/W Newberry Rd.

Right on SE CR Rd 337.

Left on 340.

Right on 349.

Right on 20.

Left on Suwannee Ave.

Right on Plant Ave/247.

Left on 49.

Stay Left on 49.

Left on 90.

Right on Houston Ave.

Left on Nobles Ferry Rd.

Left on 6.

Right on 53/N Washington St.

Left on Screven St.

Right on Barwick Rd.

Left on Dry Lake Rd.

Left on 122.

Right on 19.

Left on 84.

Right on County Line Rd.

Left on 188.

Right on N Main St.

Left on Dollar Store Rd.

Left on 111.

Right on Wilcox Rd.

Right on 93.

Left on Pine Level Rd.

Right on 112.

Left on Peebles Still Rd.

Right on Lime Sink Rd.

Left on Harrell Rd.

Follow Left on Albany Rd.

Right on Griffin St.

Left on Bethel Rd.

Right on 310.

Left on Whites Bridge Rd.

Right on 45.

Quick Left on Helms Rd. Quick Right Lane Rd.

Right on Cedar Springs Rd.

Left on Damascus Hilton Rd.

Left on 62.

Right on 95/N Main St.

Left on 134. Left at the 134 fork.

Left on Main St. Quick Right W King St.

Follow 134.

Left on 3rd St.

Right on 134.

Left on 134.

Right on 85.

Left on 248.

Right on S Main St.

Left on 134.

Left on 87.

Right on 134. Follow 134 to the Right.

Right on N Main St.

Left on Opine Rd.

Right on Babbie Rd.

1st Left on Airport Rd.

Right on 84.

Left on E3 Notch St.

Left on E3 Notch St.

Left on 29. First Right on Brooklyn Rd.

Left on ConeCuh County 6.

Straight on Cleveland Ave.

Stay Left on 6.

Right on 41.

Left on 84.

Right on 21.

Left at the Fork.

Stay Straight on 41.

Left on 221.

Left on 10.

Left on 17.

Quick Right on Riderwood Dr.

Left on Banks Ln.

Right on 20.

Straight on 18.

Right on 140.

Right on 145.

Left on CR 151.

Right on 513.

Left on 11.

Right 513.

Right on 31.

Left on 20.

Right on 503.

First Left on 2414.

Left on 15.

Right on 20. First Right on 23.

Left on 24.

Right on Independence Rd.

Left on 481.

Left on 43.

Right on Justin Rd.

Left on 471.

Right on N Shore Pkwy.

Right on Spillway Rd.

Left on S Wheatley

Right on E County Line.

Left on Ridgewood Rd.

Right on Adkins BLVD.

Right on Hilda Dr.

Left on W County Line Rd

Right on Clinton Tinnin Rd.

Left on Jimmy Williams Rd.

Left on Bolton Brownsville Rd.

Right on I20 Frontage.

Right on Vicksburg St.

Right on Tiffentown Rd.

Left on Tucker Rd.

Right on Oak Ridge Rd.

Left on Redwood Rd.

Right on 61.

Left on 465.

Left on 1.

Left on 1.

Left on 454.

Left on 278.

Right on 142 right after the Mississippi River.

Left on Sunnyside Rd.

Right on Causeway Rd.

First Left on 144. First Right on 257.

Left on Ashley 733.

First Right on 156.

Right Ashley Co Rd 111.

Left on 56.

Right on 39/Gp Midway Rd.

Left on 32/Clause Tr.

Left on Prairie Rd.

Left on S Pine.

Right on 8. Right on 8.

Follow 160.

Left on 63.

Right on 160.

Right on 203 in Hampton.

Left on 274.

Left on 274.

Follow 278.  Follow 79.

Right on N Adams Ave.

Right on 24.

Follow 19 in Prescott.

Left on 26.

Left on N Washington Ave.

Right on Main St/27.

Right on 26.

Right on 371.

Left on S Main St.

Follow 27.

Right on Runnels St.

Left on Dillard Dr/27.

Right on 317.

Right on 71.

Left on 24.

Left on 41.

Follow 41.

Right on 234.

Left on Line Rd.

Right on E2200.

Left on N4770. First Right on D2225.

Follow 3.

Right on S Central Ave.

Left on NW MLK Dr.

Follow 37.

Right on 195.

Right on 195.

Follow 2648.

Go across 271. First Right.

3rd Left.

Left on Military Rd.

Right on Gate 2 Rd.

Left on CR 33840.

Right on 1499.

Left on State Spur 1499.

Right on 79.

Follow 79.

Left on 2352.

Right on 2216.

Right on 100.

Left on 409.

Left on 2029.

Right on 1396.

Left on 78.

Right on Sam Rayburn Dr.

Follow 56 to the Right.

Left on 56.

Left on BUS377.

Right on 377.

First Right on De Cardova Rd.

Left on W Line Rd.

Right on 902.

Right at the T, S Farm to Market 372.

Left on Anthony St.

Right S Grand Ave.

Left on E California St.

Right on 1630.

Follow 1630 to the Right.

Left on 677.

Right on 455.

Left on 59.

Right on W Clay St.

Follow Left on 59.

Right on 2127.

Right on 148.

Left on 175.

Right on 187.

Right on 281.

Left on 16.

Right on 1769.

Right on 1769 again.

Right on 114.

Right on N Main St.

Left on 1919.

Left on 267.

Right on 3950/1756.

Left on 6.

Right on 6 in Stamford.

Right on 2702.

Follow 92.

Follow 92 again.

Left on 70.

Right on Broadway Ave.

Left on 70/Lamar St.

Right on Ross Rd.

Left on NW Railroad Rd.

Left on McDonald Rd. Quick first Right.

Follow NW RR to the Right.

Right on 158/W Main St.

Stay Straight on 158.

Right on 87.

Left on 158.

Left on Florida Ave.

Right on Garfield St/158.

Right on 158.

Right on 302.

Right on 285.

Left on 232.

Left on 432. First Right on 232.

Right on 222/Gresham Rd.

Right on Brooks-Pecos.

Right on Nevel Rd.

Left on Weatherby Rd.

Left on 2185. Follow 2185.

Left on La Cavernal/54.

Right on W 1st.

Right on Garren Rd. First Left.

Left at the T. First Left on Eagle.

First Right on Frontage Rd.

Follow Frontage Rd.

Right on Lasca Rd.

Follow Left on Lasca Rd.

Follow Left on Finley Rd.

Right on Esperanza Cutoff.

Right on 192.

Left on 192.

Right on 192.

Left on 20. All the way to El Paso!

Right on 20.

Right on 272/Mcnutt.

Left on 136.

Right on A003.

Left on 80.

Right on 16th St/191/80.

Right on 80.

Left on 82.

Right on 83.

Left on E Sahuarita Rd.

Right on Haughton Rd.

Left on Valencia Rd.

Left on 86.

Left on Prima St. Follow Frontage Rd.

Right on Citrus Valley Rd.

Left on Painted Rock.

Right on S Rocky Point.

Left on Saddle/Hyder.

Left on Ave 64E.

Right on Frontage Rd.

Right on Old US Hwy 80.

Right on S Ave 20 E. Follow Left.

Left on Rte of Butterfield.

Right at Dead End.

Left on E County 5th St.

Left on Laguna Dam.

Right on E County 7 ½.

Left on S Pacific. First Right on 8th St.

Right on N 4th Ave.

Follow Left on Whitehaven.

First Right AFTER Freeway 9.

Follow Frontage Rd.

Right on S34.

Left on 78.

Follow 78 though Brawley.

Left on 78.

Right on 79.

Follow Straight to 67.

Right on Scripps Poway.

Right on Black Mountain.

Left on Camel Valley.

Right on Del Mar Heights Rd.


San Diego?


Right on Camino Del Mar.

Left on Camino Del Mar/Hwy 101.

Left on Carlsbad/S21.

Right on Harbor Dr.

Left on Stuart Mesa.

Left on Phillips St.

Right Stuart Mesa.

Right on Las Pulgas.

Left on Basoline Rd.

Right on San Mateo Dr.

Left on Cristionitos Rd.

Right on S El Camino Real.

Follow Straight on 1.

Follow 1

Left on Mulholland Drive.

Left on Calabases Rd.

Right on Mureau Rd.

Left on Las Virgenes.

Right on Agoura Rd.

Left on 23.

Right on W Potrero Rd.

Left on Lynn Rd.

Left on S Lewis Rd.

Right on 1.

Left on W Wooley Rd.

Right on N Harbor BLVD.

Right on S Seaward.

Left on E Main St.

Right on N Ventura Ave.

Left on Casitas Vista.

Left on Casitas Vista.

Left on Lake Casitas Fire Rd.

Right on Red Mountain Fire Rd.

Left on 150.

Right on 192.

Stay 192.

Right on 192.

Right on 154.

Left on 246.

Right on 1.

Left on San Antonio.

Continue on Black Rd.

Left on 166.

Right on Bonita School.

Right on Division St.

Left on Orchard Rd.

Right on Tefft St.

First Left on Pomeroy Rd.

Left on Pomeroy Rd.

Right on Pomeroy Rd.

Left on Los Perros Rd.

Right on Valley Rd.

Left on Fair Oaks Ave.

Right on S Elm.

Left on East Grand Ave.

Right on N Oak Park BLVD.

Left on 227.

Right on Dana St.

Left on California BLVD.

Left on Foothill BLVD.

Right Los Osos Valley Rd.

Right on S Bay Blvd.

Left on 1.

Right on 41.

Right on W Centre St.

Stay 41.

Left on Cholame Valley Rd.

Continue Cholame.

Right on Parkfield Coalinga.

Right on Parkfield Coalinga.

Right on 198.

Straight on 33.

Straight on 145.

Left on 145.

Left on 180.

Left on W Panoche Rd.

Left on S Newcomb.

Straight on W Panoche Rd.

Left on Panoche Rd.

Left on Panoche Rd.

Right on 25.

Straight on 25.

Right on Bloomfield Ave.

Left on Fraizer Lake Rd.

Left on 152.

Right on Monterey Rd.

Left on 152.

Right on Watsonville Rd.

Left on Fork/G8.

Right on Harry Rd.

First Left on Almaden Expy.

Right on Hillsdale Ave.

Right on S Abel St.

Right on W Calaveras.

Left on N Milpitas BLVD.

Left on Fremont Ave/Washington BLVD.

Right on Mowry Ave.

Right on Mowry Ave.

Left on 238.

Right on 84.

Left on Pleasanton Sunol Rd.

Right on Sunol BLVD.

Left on N Livermore.

Left on Manning Rd.

Right on Morgan Territory.

Right on Marsh Creek.

Left on Deer Valley.

Right on Deer Valley.

Right on E 18th St.

Left on Viera Ave.

Right on Wilbur Ave.

Left on 160.

Left on 12.

Right on 84.

Take Ryer Island Ferry.

Follow 84.

Left on 84.

Left on Sacramento Ave.

Right on Harbor BLVD.

Right on N East St/113.

Right on 113.

Left on 113.

Right on 113.

Left on 99.

Left on 99.

Left on 36.

Right on 3.

Left on 3.

Right on 3.

Right on 3.

Left on 11th St/Montague.

Left on Juniper Rd.

Right on Oregon Slough.

Left on Hornbrook Hwy.

Right on CCC Rd.

Left on CCC Rd.

Follow the Winding Rd.

Right on Hilt-Hungry Rd.

Left on Forest Ave.

Left on Hilt Rd.

Left on Jefferson Rd.

Right on Old Hwy 99.

Right on 273/Old Siskiyou.

Left on 66/Green Springs Hwy.

Right on 99/Siskiyou.

Right on 62.

Left on 227/Tiller Trail Hwy.

Stay Left on 34.

Right on N Main St.

Right on Gazely Bridge Rd.

First Left on Stanton Park Rd.

Right on Main St.

Right on Riddle Bypass Rd.

Left on N Old Pacific Hwy.

Right on NE Dole Rd.

Right on 99/Dillard Hwy.

Left on 99.

Left on W Central Ave/138.

Right on 38.

Left on 38/N 1st St.

Left on Curtin Rd.

Left on Territorial Hwy.

Left on Territorial Hwy again.

Right on 36.

Left on Territorial Hwy.

Straight on 99.

Right on 22.

Left on High St.

Right on Hood St.

Left on Fairgrounds.

Straight on 99.

Right on 5.

1st exit on E Mill. Left on E Mill Plain.

Right on Main St.

Left on NE 179th St.

First Right on NE 10th Ave.

Right on NW Lacenter.

Left on E CC St.

Right on Georig St.

Left on Old Pacific Hwy

Right on Green Mountain Rd.

Left on Lane Rd.

Right at the T.

Left on Hahn/Todd.

Right on Kalama River Rd.

Left on Old Hwy 99.

Right on Kelso Dr.

Left on Grade St.

Left on Allen St.

Right on N 1st Ave.

Left on N Pacific Ave.

Left on Powell Rd.

Right on Dougherty Dr.

Straight on Old Pacific.

Right on Rogers Rd.

Left on Jackson Hwy.

Left on 505.

Right on 603/NW Kerron St.

Left on 603/W Washington.

Right on 6.

Left on N Market BLVD.

Right on N National Rd.

Straight on 507.

Right on 507.

Right on 507.

Right on S 38th St.

Left on Portland Ave.

Right on Eells St.

Straight on 99.

Left on E Marginal Way.

Right on 4th Ave.

99 North.

Straight on Evergreen Way.

Right on 529.

Left on Broadway.

Right on 528.

Left on 9.

Right on 20.

Straight on 215.

Right on 155.

Right on Grand Coulee Bridge.

Left on 155.

Left on W Grand Coulee Ave/174.

Left on 2.

Right on 21.

Left on Rosenoff Rd.

Right on S Division St.

Left on 1st Ave.

Right on Durry Rd.

Left on Danekas Rd.

Straight on Sprague Hwy Rd.

Right on Lake Valley Loop Rd.

First Left on Jack Brown Rd.

Left on S B St.

Right on Lt Col Michael P.

Right on Cheeny Spokane.

Left on S Marshall Rd.

Right on W Thrope.

Left on S Indian Empire.

Right on W Sunset.

Right on 3rd Ave/90.

Left on Scott St.

Right on E Sprague/90.

Left on Henry Rd.

Left on N Liberty Lake.

Right on 290.

Straight on 41.

Right on 2.

Left on 5th Ave.

Straight on 200.

Straight on 93.

Left W Broadway St.

Left on 200.

Right on I-15 Frontage Rd.

Left on 1st Ave N.

Left on 38th St.

First Right on 2nd Ave.

Right on 57th Ave.

Left on 200.

Left on Highwood/Stockett Rd.

Left on Highwood/331.

Right on 80.

Left on 81.

Right on 191.

Left on 87/200.

Left on 68.

Right on 85.

Left on 23.

Follow 23.

Right on 41.

Left on 41/200.

Follow 200.

Left on 32.

Right on 200.

Right on 18.

Right on 200.

Left on 200.

Right on 75.

Left on 200.

Left on 32.

Right on 200.

Right on 200. Follow.

Left on 71.

Right on 200.

Right on 64.

Right on 34.

Left on 64/Marie Rd.

Right on 64.

Left on 210.

Right on S 6th St/371.

Left on Oak St.

Right on SE 13th St.

Left on 213th St.

Left on HWY 27.

Right on 370th Ave.

Left on 153rd St.

Right on 150th Ave.

Right on 19/100th Ave.

Left on 280th St.

Right on 23.

Left on Wall Ave.

Right on Toberg Ave.

Left on 90th St.

Right on 30th St.

Left on 75th Ave.

Right on Alpha Rd.

Right on Feldspar St.

Left on 261st Ave.

First Right on Nacre St.

Left on Ambassador Blvd.

Follow Rum River.

Left on Bunker Lake BLVD.

Right on Raddison Rd.

Left on 125th Ave.

Right on Lexington Ave.

Left on County Rd F West.

Right on Hodgson Rd.

Straight on Rice.

Right on W Pennsylvania.