15,000 miles of pure joy


This is the World Record route I created on Google Maps. Since Google Maps wouldn't allow me to navigate without going on freeways/interstates, and state highways, I had to to make a turn by turn map using Google Maps, and Google Street View. It took about 70 hours, but that was the only way possible. I have 50 pages of turn by turn directions. If you would like to see them, you can here.

This route is going to be taking me on all sorts of roads. Dirt roads, county roads, state lines, residential roads, parkways, boulevards, everything you can imagine. Just no Highways, Freeways, or Interstates. The route is right around 15,000 miles  (24,140 KM), and I am hoping it will take me about 3 months. I will be making a few pit stops, just for a couple days to visit family and friends. 

Being a frugal person, I am going to try my hardest not to spend any money on accommodation. This will be tough, but there are ways around it. Using couchsurfing.com, and sleeping in my tent. Couchsurfing is a website where people (usually fellow travelers) allow you to sleep on their couch for FREE. Yes that's right, FREE! There are rating systems in place, so you know what you're getting into staying in a strangers home. Couchsurfing is an awesome thing. I highly reccommend it. Also, I will be staying in my tent when I need to. If I can find a state park, maybe someones farm, or maybe do some wild stealth camping if needed. I'm going to try and not stay in any hotels or motels.